Have you often wondered if you are guided and inspired from the other side? Do you often "feel" the presence of a deceased loved one? Do you feel that you have guardian angels, that prayers are frequently answered, or that you often receive information that is not available to you through any of the five senses? Such experiences can be very real and entirely valid and it is my hope that in your exploration and journey through my web site that you may further a meaningful relationship with the wide world of spirit and gain new spiritual understandings.  Enjoy the dance! –Linda Pendleton

To Dance With Angels

    "The love of the angels is God's
tender concern for mankind."
~Linda Pendleton

"Listen for the flutter of an angel's wing
 as it softly touches you with love;
 Embrace it and join in the dance."
 ~Linda Pendleton

"There is no death; there is only change.
There is no failure; there is only growth."
~Dr. James Martin Peebles,
To Dance With Angels
Don and Linda Pendleton

"Forgiveness enables love
 to flow unimpeded."
~Linda Pendleton

"Love is the wisdom of the ages,
the dynamic force which moves thought,
that directs, and satisfies the human yearning."
~Linda Pendleton

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"There is another reality enfolding ours—
as close as our breath!"
~Don Pendleton

"Peace is a gift from God;
Open your heart and receive it."
~Linda Pendleton