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Dr. James Martin Peebles was noted for his inspirational teachings while living his long earth life. As mentioned, he was inspired and guided from early childhood and throughout his life by his spirit band of angels. Upon his death in 1922, he joined his spirit band and they play on.

Dr. Peebles has shared his spiritual psychology via many mediums around the world. When we first encountered Dr. Peebles on the KABC-Los Angeles radio program, Open Mind, while being channeled by Thomas Jacobson, I was intrigued to learn that Dr. Peebles was channeled by others, including a peasant farmer in South America. Since that time, in late 1986, my research led me to the understanding that he comes through various mediums and in varied ways. After the publication of To Dance With Angels, we received correspondence from an elderly man from the Mid-West and he shared with us that during the late 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's, he and his wife often had communication from Dr. Peebles through several Spiritualist mediums associated with a well-known, long-standing Spiritualist Community. It has been documented that Dr. Peebles came through mediums as far back as the 1920's and 1930‘s. For many years, he was channeled by an elderly woman medium from Philadelphia. There have been a number of others over the many decades since his passing, including  current mediums, Athena Demetrios and Summer Bacon, who both studied under Thomas Jacobson. 

Thomas Jacobson was considered by noted afterlife researcher, George Meek, to be "one of the clearest windows [to the other side] in the world today," and that belief was also held by many of us who had the opportunity to experience the trance-mediumship of Thomas. Disappointing for many, after more than fifteen years, Thomas "retired" from channeling in 1995.

In 1987, during an interview with Dr. Peebles for To Dance With Angels, I asked Dr. Peebles, "How many channels are you working with, at the present—working through?" His answer, "Ah, well, let's keep it in North America for now. That will keep it simple. I work around the world through various channels and in North America, let's see, there are twenty-five different channels I come through. There are others who are stretching for my presence and those that I work with and represent, and that's wonderful, but there's some more stretching to do before becoming effective channels."

My next question to him, "Do you find a somewhat different experience through each channel?"

Dr. Peebles: "Oh, dramatic, yes; very different."

Don asked, "Your channel is very important to how much of you can come through; is that right?"

Dr. Peebles: "Yes, or in many cases, what part of me comes through, effectively, for I do not want to overly influence the environment, but work with the environment, you see. So we love this channel [Thomas]. He has worked hard in other lifetimes and, uh—you know, when he was first working, over here, there was a debate whether it was going to take place, and there were times when we were wondering if Thomas, bless his soul, was setting the record for pure stubbornness. To move him was to move a rock. Ah...he is an exceptional being, an exceptional channel. There are other channels, however, I can come through with a little more scientific information and language that is difficult to bring through Thomas, because of certain fears and bias that, uh, impede the route and we will not interfere with that, you understand, and we do not overpower. There are also issues of...oh, maybe sexuality, for example, that I can bring through other channels more strongly, where it might be a little more roundabout through Thomas. However, there are many, many issues that I can bring through Thomas that are difficult or impossible to bring through others."

I have shared this with you to give you an understanding of the channeling processes and how the type of communication can vary. Some bring forward communication from Dr. Peebles while in a trance state; others, in a light altered state; and still others, clairaudiently or intuitively.  I personally have worked with Dr. Peebles clairaudiently for my writings, including the book, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom. Those who have experienced Dr. Peebles through different mediums are always awed by the fact that Dr. Peebles often reminds them of prior conversation he has had with them. And many who have read his words have found that they often "receive" inspiration from him. Whoever it is that works with Dr. Peebles, there is no doubt of Dr. Peebles' personality shining brightly, filled with his wisdom, humor and love, which makes the experience wonderful and inspirational. If you ever find an experience with "Dr. Peebles" otherwise, walk away, because anything less is not our Dr. Peebles speaking to you.

It appears that we have come to a time in our evolution when the veil between School Earth and the other side is becoming even more transparent and, as a result, communication and/or awareness of nonphysical beings has increased. Although nonphysical guides, teachers, and our deceased loved ones, have always been with us to assist on our journey of life, today more people are willing to speak of their varied contact or communication with the world of spirit. It is your personal choice to follow your intuition at your heart level and with the "inner-knowing" accept or reject the loving guidance you receive from beyond.

For those of you who may wish to have contact with Dr. Peebles beyond the written word, I have listed contact information which may be helpful in your personal spiritual search, along with other contacts which may be of use to you.

Remember, though, that with each personal experience you will take away from it only what you choose to take from it, and Dr. Peebles would be the first to tell you that. If you are looking for conformation that consciousness lives on, you may find that, and then again, you may not. But whatever the mode of your experience with Dr. Peebles, or with others in the spirit world, it would be my guess that the experience will touch you deeply and you will come to new understandings about yourself, about life, and about afterlife.

May your personal spiritual journey be inspirational and joyous, wherever or however you choose to experience it. It is your personal dance, always.

–Linda Pendleton

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