Amber Orbs Over Sedona, Arizona

Sighting by Linda Pendleton

Copyright 2015 by Linda Pendleton, All Rights Reserved.

My sighting of two UFOs, best described as amber orbs, was April 4, 2001 in Sedona, Arizona.

On the evening of April 4, 2001 at approximately 7:10 P.M. at home in Sedona, Arizona, I was in my study, seated at my computer desk. A large window behind my desk faced in an westerly direction. I was observing an on-line chat room discussion of a writers group and was not actually taking part, just nonchalantly observing the on-line comments.

I had spent the afternoon reading and editing the manuscript of my novel, “The Dawning.” The book is a mystery/suspense novel about the disappearance of several gifted children and the intrigue of UFOs and alien abduction, remote viewing, and government coverup. The book has a message to Planet Earth from a fictional alien being. I knew when I wrote it, that his words were channeled and came from beyond me. An alien? Yes, I was sure of that. After giving his message quite a bit of thought after my reading, I had put the manuscript away, grabbed a bite of dinner and had gone into my study.

My cat, Snickers was sitting on my desk beside my monitor and looking out the window. Bored with the on-line chat, I had watched the sunset which had been quite beautiful with some clouds touched with pink and orange colors. It was now dusk and still enough light to see the outline of the Sedona rock formations.

Suddenly two large bright, shimmering amber orbs appeared and streaked across the sky, low on the horizon, seemingly over the field next to my home. My cat saw them at the same instant I did–and both our heads moved across the frame of the window as the orbs streaked south to north, nearly side by side and moving horizontally. I shouted, “What was that!” and jumped out of my chair and ran to the living room where I could see the north view. My cat followed right behind. I saw nothing in the sky near the outline of Wilson Mountain and Steamboat Rock to my north view. They were gone. And I must say, much to my disappointment. It appeared from their trajectory that they would have passed along side or over the mountain peak.

Within a few moments I had the distinct feeling that the UFO fly-by was the alien I had channeled for the book, and that he just came by to say hello and verify for me that his words did come from beyond.

Within two hours I called Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington to report my sighting. I believe he became somewhat frustrated with me when he asked, “How many degrees above the horizon?”–and I hesitated in my answer. Because I was sitting down and looking through the window I had a hard time deciding what the answer would be.

The amber orbs were very bright, shimmering orange/yellow, and moving at such a rate that a small trail or streak was behind each of them. It appeared they were close together with one slightly higher and in front of the other, but side by side and moving horizontally and with a slight rise. If I were seated at my desk, holding a quarter in my hand with my arm outstretched they each were bigger than a quarter but not quite as big as a fifty cent piece.

After Peter Davenport took my report he mentioned that my sighting sounded very much like sightings in Puget Sound, Washington a few weeks before.

I followed up that report the next day with a call to the local Sedona chapter of the Mutual UFO Network. MUFON investigator Bill Hassel came to my home and we filled out an extensive report form. When he asked if I had any witnesses, I laughed and said, “Just my cat. He saw them, too.” Much to my surprise he said there was a place on the form for animal reaction. He observed my study and the position I had been at the computer at the time of the UFO sighting. We discussed the angle, the trajectory, degrees on the horizon, size, color, and time in view. He also had a topograph map of the Sedona area and had me identify the path I believed the UFOs followed.

A few days later I spoke with Tom Dongo, Sedona UFO researcher and author, regarding my sighting. He informed me that my sighting closely matched a report about four months prior in the Village of Oak Creek, adjacent to Sedona. A local dentist had observed three amber orbs and by all accounts it appeared to be very similar to my sighting.

Even today I can see the UFOs in my mind’s eyes with the same intensity and vividness, although it is difficult to describe the orbs in words: the intensity of the color, the shimmering and swirling of the light emitted. They were an alive, solid mass of energy. They did not put out light, they were the light–a ball of light and swirling energy. It appeared that the UFOs were close by, not off into the vastness of the sky. When I state that it seemed the orbs passed over the empty lot next to my home, that is how it appeared to me. It was not like watching a meteorite streak through the night sky. I’d had lots of opportunity to see meteorites of various sizes in the open and dark night skies of Sedona, Arizona.

It seemed as if these orbs had pierced the veil into our dimension from another dimension and then returned to that dimension. Of course, it is possible that others saw them on their journey northward through the Arizona sky and did not disappear as I felt they had.

It was much later when I noted that several witnesses to the “Phoenix Lights” had observed and identified some of the “lights” as amber orbs, or amber balls of light. Many saw the UFO as an object nearly a mile long and triangular in shape, and most of the photos or video I saw televised appeared to be in that precise shape. But others claimed to have only seen one to three amber orbs and had seen amber orbs in the area at times other than March 13, 1997.

These amber orbs were not the first UFOs I had observed in Sedona. On the 4th of July weekend of 1994, my husband, Don and I were at an outdoor evening concert of singer, Emmylou Harris. I was enjoying the music and a strange thought went through my head as I looked up at the night sky. I wondered what aliens flying over in their UFOs might think of the sounds of music filing the area. It couldn’t have been more than three minutes later when I spotted high in the sky a white light moving from the south to the north. What really caught my attention was the erratic and zig-zag movement of the object. The following night, Don and I had parked on the mesa near the Sedona airport waiting to watch the fireworks show at the school below and across the main highway. We were standing outside, leaning against the car when Don’s eye caught the movement of the UFOs first. It was similar to what I had observed the night before only this time there were two, some distant apart but moving erratically and zig-zagging from south to north. A few minutes later we saw another moving through the sky with erratic movement. These were white lights, appearing like a very high altitude airplane or even a satellite–but obviously not either of those. Before we left the hillside that evening we both had observed three UFOs, each with the same erratic behavior.

Sedona has the reputation for many UFO sightings. Rumor even has it that there is a secret military base in the Secret Canyon area and black helicopters have been seen in that area. I’m not sure I give any credibility to that rumor. But Sedona is a special, mystical place, no doubt. Considered by Native Americans as sacred holy ground long before the arrival of white man it has been said that waring tribal enemies honored the sacredness of the area and battles were never fought there, although many battles took place in territory surrounding Sedona. In recent years much publicity has been given to the Sedona vortices. I do give credibility to that idea that there are energy spots around Sedona, including the airport mesa where we had our 1994 Sedona sighting.

Recent polls such as Gallop and Roper, show that more than half of Americans believe in UFOs, and that numbers, now close to seventy-five percent, believe that there is life on other planets. What is somewhat surprising is that nearly that same number now believe that our government knows much more than they are telling us about extraterrestrial life.

A 2002 Roper Poll indicated that three-quarters of the public claim that they are somewhat prepared for the discovery of extraterrestrial life and nearly half are very prepared. The poll also indicated that should the government make an announcement of the discovery of extraterrestrial life, only a small portion expect it to change their religious beliefs.

So with statistics like that, why does our government continue this game of denial? Do they continue to fear what the 1960 Brookings Report concluded–that people, especially the fundamentalist religionist, would panic and the world would be in chaos? It seems to me that the public is a little more realistic and accepting in this current age than we are being given credit for. Or does our government have other motives for keeping all this under wraps? Might it be that they don’t want the citizens to know that they have no control, and there might be others out there with much more wisdom and advanced technology and have the well being of our planet and the cosmos as their first priority? Or does it come down to the usual–power and greed–and the need for superiority in our world? I’ve got news for our government, the world is in chaos, and an acknowledgment that we are not alone in the universe may do a lot to give us hope that things might change for the betterment of all, not only American citizens but citizens of our world, and our space brothers.

I really doubt that there would be any release of information from the government during the Bush administration because of George W. Bush’s evangelical religious beliefs and the part they strongly play in his politics. It was that fundamentalist belief system, along with others, that the Brookings Report spoke of–the fear and disturbance of their religious belief system that some may not be able to deal with.

Obviously, something strange has been occurring in our skies for a very, very long time, since the beginning of recorded history. I believe the mysteries are unfolding rapidly and that the veil is thinning and one day before long, we will know. And it may not be by revelation of our government, but by other means.

©Copyright 2004 - 2006 by Linda Pendleton, All Rights Reserved.

 “Whoever the aliens are, from wherever they come and wherever they’ve been, it appears that we all sail the same cosmic sea, carrying common needs, desires and destinies, struggling to chart a course that will carry us Home.

“We are, in the final analysis, one people–so what benefits one should benefit all–and what endangers one,endangers all. If this is our heritage, then all we need now is to claim it.”
– Don and Linda Pendleton, Whispers From the Soul