Are Aliens Among Us?

Are Crop Circles Messages From Beyond?

Linda Pendleton interview for Janet Boyer, New Age Host at,
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June 15, 2003

Janet: What is the extent of your interest in UFOs?

Linda: Janet, I would have to say that my interest in alien life and UFOs has been a lifelong one as has my interests in metaphysics and the paranormal. I recall I was about eight or nine, or even younger, when I recognized this “inner-knowing” that we here on earth were not alone in the vast universe. Even to my young mind, it only made sense that God, or whatever one wants to call the Divine Source, did not create only the inhabitants of earth but had created other life forms elsewhere in the universe. So I have always believed in the existence of alien life forms. And, I do believe they have visited Planet Earth probably since the beginning of life here.

Am I alone in those beliefs? Hardly. A 1990 Gallup Poll stated that at least 47% of Americans believed in UFOs and polls have shown that nearly 3/4 of Americans believe that our own government knows much more about UFOs than they are telling us. It would be my guess that the numbers of people in some foreign countries who believe in the existence of UFOs and alien life would be even higher.

I was ten in 1952 when newspaper headlines reported “flying saucers” directly over the White House in Washington, D.C. I was lucky to have a father who would discuss the possibility of the existence of alien life and alien spaceships. An intelligent and deep thinker, my father would discuss with me the Roswell, New Mexico incident of 1947, the 1949 flying saucer sightings by U.S. Forest Service pilot, Kenneth Arnold in the vicinity of Mount Rainier, Washington, and later, the 1961 abduction experience of Betty and Barney Hill, the book of Erich Von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods?, and other related subjects such as the Bridey Murphy past life regression incident. There was also talk about Orson Welles’ 1938 dramatic radio performance of H. G. Wells’ science-fiction novel, War of the Worlds, which caused hysteria as listeners believed that our Atlantic seaboard was under attack by Martians armed with “death rays.”

When I look back at my early childhood I would have to believe that my father’s openness and curiosity of the paranormal somehow gave me “permission” to explore these ideas. My father died in 1978, so he did not experience my evolution into writing about these subjects, except, of course, from his connection with me from the other side. I’m sure he is looking over my shoulder and keeping up with what I am doing with my life.

Janet: Where do UFOs come from?

Linda: I don’t know the answer to that, expect to feel that they come from various places in the cosmos. There seems to be indication from abductees and researchers that there are various species, which would indicate that their place of origin might be different. I applaud the abduction research work of John Mack, M.D., professor of psychiatry at Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and his serious and credible study of the phenomena as reported in his books, Abduction and Passport to the Cosmos; the work of Jacques Vallee, Ph.D.; and the works of a few others who have boldly stepped forward, no doubt, putting their professional careers and reputations on the line by doing so.

I also believe that our government is covering up evidence of alien life visiting Planet Earth. There are numerous reports that some of our technology in the latter half of the 20th century may have developed from alien technology. One reason our government does not want us to know the truth about UFOs and alien life, is that they cannot protect us but one has to wonder what we need to be protected from. If we are being visited, as many believe, then why have the aliens not destroyed us? Obviously, their technology goes far beyond ours, so what stops them? Are they here because they are in need of genetic materials for their own species, or are they the watchdog of the cosmos, watching our activities to see if we are on the path to destroying Planet Earth and all life on it, which would, no doubt, have a cosmic impact? Although it seems that UFOs have always been with mankind, and those occurrences have been recorded in various ways throughout history, apparently history shows that they more often make their appearances during war: World War I, the “Foo Fighters” of World War II, often over military installations, and, of course, about the time of our first nuclear tests in Alamogordo, New Mexico, just weeks before the bombs were dropped on Japan. One can’t help but wonder if there have been sightings in the Middle East during recent times of conflict.

But, apparently, the main reason that our government is covering up is the Brookings Institute Report, a study that came out in 1960 on the implications of discovering alien life. It warned that “sweeping changes or even the downfall of civilization” could result. The Report indicated that religious, social, and political consequences may be a large problem. It also reported that of all groups, scientists would be the most devastated by the discovery of relatively superior creatures. It was suggested that it would be wise to consider whether such a discovery of alien life should be kept from the public.

Well, I would bet that our government has done just that. Isn’t that insulting to our intelligence and our right to know the truth–whatever that truth may be? Instead of truth we are given disinformation, denial, and classified documents. And then we are given a media that “laughs” at most reports of UFO sightings.

In our book, To Dance With Angels by Don and Linda Pendleton, we communicate with the spirit, Dr. James Martin Peebles through the trance-mediumship of Thomas Jacobson, and we discuss alien life with Dr. Peebles. Dr. Peebles refers to aliens as “off-earth beings” and he indicates they are here to “unlock memories” of past soul family connection and in preparation for greater conscious integration again without panic, with more fascination of love and sharing. He also told us that some “off-earth beings” are here because of a karmic bond–that they have taken some responsibility for motivating the illusions of separation–and this is what began the Planet Earth as a school concentrated on separation. So they are trying to meet their karma and reverse that.

By the way, Dr. James Martin Peebles lived from 1822–1922, was a clergyman, physician, prolific author, a leader in the worldwide Spiritualist movement of the 19th century, and himself, a medium. He has been in communication with earth through a number of mediums since his passing to the other side. To Dance With Angles was published in 1990 and is currently in its fourth edition.

Janet: What about Crop Circles? Are they messages from UFOs? What are they saying?

Linda: In our recently published book, Whispers From the Soul, the Divine Dance of Consciousness, we rather extensively explore alien life, crop circles, the artifacts of Mars, along with many others areas such as miracles and angelic influences, death and near-death experiences, spirit communication and spiritual encounters. We write about Don’s experiences as an Air Traffic Control Specialist with the FAA from 1957 to 1961. Don was in contact many times with airline and other civilian pilots who reported unusual sightings. When queried if they wanted to file a formal report, the response was almost always a curt, “Negative.” Off the record, of course, almost every pilot had many such “encounters” to report. During Don’s six-month tour of duty with the FAA in Idaho Falls, Idaho, near the Navy facility which was developing the Atomic Submarine–a totally restricted no-fly zone–Air Force jet fighters defending that no-fly zone were repeatedly “scrambled” as a result of radar sightings in the restricted air space. By the time the fighter jets were on station, the “intruders” had vanished.

Now, Janet, your question about Crop Circles. I go along with the theory that the pictograms are from alien sources. I find them fascinating. The evolving complexity of the Crop Circles in the years since they first showed up is so interesting. They are quite incredible. Some believe that it is Mother Earth, herself, who is disturbed by the destruction that mankind is inflicting on the planet. Other theories believe it to be the “collective consciousness,” or atmospheric activity, but I do not see validity in those ideas. If aliens possess the technology to transcend time and space, then what would be so unusual for them to have the ability to create Crop Circles. I hope there will be more emphasis placed on deciphering and decoding the messages because I believe that is what we are being given–messages.

My initial reaction when I saw early Crop Circles, more than a decade ago, was that they resembled the ancient petroglyphs found in caves and elsewhere. Of course, they have moved far beyond the simple carvings of ancient times. Are they presenting us with profound messages? Time will tell.

Janet: Do you know of compelling stories (that you or someone you know/have met) about a “Close Encounter.”

Linda: Yes, I do. Four close (and credible) friends have had numerous encounters. One of these women is writing a book at the present time. Her encounters, abductions, have gone on for many years, and have occurred with more than one species of aliens. I won’t go into any more detail about her encounters here but her book will be a fascinating read.

Twice I have attended public sessions of Darryl Anka, who channels the extraterrestrial, Bashar, and that was an interesting and enlightening experience.

I have personally seen a few UFOs. I have requested that aliens not come into my home. I only desire to see them in the sky. I don’t think I am prepared to meet them, otherwise.

Two sightings have been rather dramatic. On or about 1988 or early 1989, shortly after dark, Don and I saw a huge triangular craft that moved over our hillside home with a low pitched hum, slowly, at a very low altitude. We stood out on our deck in a state of disbelief and awe as we looked up at the “belly” of this huge craft that appeared to be 100 to 150 feet above us. It moved slowly, almost as if it was gliding or floating. It blocked out the night sky above it. The outer edge of the triangle had white lights, possibly four or six. We heard a neighbor yell, “What is that!?” We watched it move slowly northward across the valley (nine or ten miles or so) and then make a sharp right turn near the base of the mountain range and move beyond our sight to the northeast. What was also interesting was that this craft was lower than normal flying altitude and flying across the airline path of Ontario International Airport, when often the approach direction to the airport would be changed, depending on wind conditions.

Two nights later, about the same time of evening, we heard the distinct loud roar of three military helicopters come over our home, flying in close formation. They moved across the valley, made a right turn (unlike the sharp angle turn of the large triangular craft). It was so obvious that these helicopters were not what we had seen previously. The following night the helicopters flew across again. The next day our newspaper had a small article that El Toro Marine Base helicopters were doing desert practice maneuvers. Needless to say, we were in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California, a heavily populated area, and a number of miles from the desert. Government diversion? That’s my bet.

My last sighting was in April 2001, in Sedona, Arizona, where I was then living. I had just finished my final edit on a novel. In the last chapter of my book there is a message from a fictional alien being. When I had first written the message he give to Planet Earth, I knew it was channeled from beyond me. An alien? Probably. I was in my study, sitting in front of my computer, observing a chat room discussion. I had a large window in front of me. My cat was sitting on my desk, beside the monitor looking out the window. Bored with the chat, I had watched the sunset and it was dusk. Two large bright orange-yellow balls of light, moving horizontally, nearly side by side, streaked across the sky, appearing as if they were over the field next to my home and low on the horizon. My cat saw them at the same instant I did–and both of our heads moved across the frame of the window as the objects streaked from south to north. I yelled, “What the hell was that!” and jumped up and ran through the house to the front where I could see the north view. My cat followed right behind me. I saw nothing. A few minutes later, I had the feeling that it was the alien I had channeled and he did a fly by to say hi. Within the hour, I called Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington to report my sighting. After he took my report, he told me my sighting was similar to sightings in Puget Sound two weeks or so before. I reported my sighting to the local chapter of MUFON and an extensive report was done. When the man from MUFON asked if I had any witness, I laughed and said, “Just my cat. He saw them, too.” Much to my surprise, he said there was a place on the form for animal reaction. A few days later, I spoke with a local UFO author and researcher and was told that my description matched a local sighting report by a dentist about a month before.

I often wonder if the aliens, at times, make themselves known to only specific individuals. It seems that often others can be around and do not see the UFO. Then again, there have been reports of sightings by large numbers of people. Some of the Hudson River Valley sightings are examples of that, along with sightings in Mexico City, the Phoenix lights (huge triangular craft seen in Arizona from the north to the south), in South America, and probably many others places.

Janet: What is the role of angels? Where do they reside? Do you believe in demons or “evil” spirits? Is there a connection between angels and/or demons and UFOs?

Linda: I do not believe in demons or “evil” spirits. There may be spirits that are not as advanced or “enlightened,” and may be mischievous or confused. I believe evil comes from mankind and has to do with enormous illusions of separation. I do suggest, however, for anyone wishing to contact spiritual entities, to say a prayer and ask that you receive only that of the highest quality and for the highest good.

Angels are messengers, and often, protectors. I assume they reside in “heaven,” wherever that is. That other dimension may actually be right here within our own space. We may always be surrounded by spirit, right here and now. It seems the veil that separates our dimensions is growing thinner and more connection with spirit is taking place, whether it be aliens, angels, loved ones, or spirit guides.

An interesting book about the possible connection between angels and UFOs is The Bible and Flying Saucers, written by Presbyterian minister, Reverend Barry H. Downing, Ph.D. His theory is that many of the religious events could have been descriptions of UFO encounters. It makes one wonder if “beings” from some far corner of the universe were sent as God’s emissaries to establish guidelines for social, cultural and religious attitudes.

I believe, and have been told, that we all have spirit guides. I laugh at what I believed when I was young. I was Protestant and thought only my Catholic friends had guardian angels. I thought that came only with Catholicism. Spirit guides can be someone like Dr. Peebles, multidimensional beings, angels, master teachers, or deceased loved ones.

My husband, Don, died in 1995 and I have been lucky enough to have a lot of communication from him since his death. Some of the communication comes directly from Don to me in various, and often, subtle ways. Some communication is relayed from Dr. Peebles and on occasion from other mediums and psychics. To me, Don is now my Number One Angel and guide. Dr. Peebles is a close second. My book, A Walk Through Grief, Crossing the Bridge Between Worlds, covers much of my grief journey and communication with Don. I hope others will find the book helpful in dealing with grief, but the book is also preparation for the loss of a loved one, and even most importantly, for a greater understanding of life and death. What I have learned without question is that consciousness survives death of the physical body and love lives on.

In my follow-up book to To Dance With Angels, titled Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom, the Spiritual Psychology of the Grand Spirit, Dr. Peebles, by Linda Pendleton, in which I clairaudiently channel Dr. Peebles, we write much about the illusion of separation and the fear of intimacy which seem to be our greatest lessons here on school earth. We are never alone.

You know, we have tagged all this New Age, but that is a misnomer. There is nothing new about any of this, whether it be spirit communication, spiritual apparitions, past lives, UFOs, near-death experiences, or other paranormal experiences. What is considered by some to be paranormal events, is considered by many others to be extraordinary and awe-inspiring but within the norm of the human experience. We are spiritual beings temporarily encased in a physical body. Here is a quote from our book, Whispers From the Soul: “We all wear the golden threads that weave the divine tapestry of existence...and we are forever one!”

Dr. Peebles’ three dynamic spiritual principles have become very important to me and to the many who have experienced Dr. Peebles either through writings, or through mediumship.

They are :

1. Loving allowance for all things to be in their own time and place, beginning with yourself.
2. Increased communication with all of life everywhere, and with respect.
3. Self-responsibility for you are the eternal creator, never the victim.

If we can put these three principles into action and reaction, it can be life-changing. For many, it has been. With the use of these principles, you learn that you are not alone and are connected in a true sense to God, to yourself, and to your fellow man. And no doubt, that would include alien beings, angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones–all part of the divine tapestry of existence. Mankind has always asked, “Who are we?–Why are we here?–What is life all about?” Mankind has looked to the heavens for answers. My question is, “Why do we care?” In order to care, we must possess an “inner-knowing,” a soul memory, that we are all one and part of the Divine Source. Is it a Truth that we all know at a deep soul-level? I believe so.

Janet: Thank you, Linda, for taking the time to share your insights and wisdom with the BellaOnline audience.

Linda: Thank you so much, Janet, for this opportunity to share my ideas and thoughts.

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