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Medium and Trance-Channel

for Dr. James Martin Peebles

My late husband, Don Pendleton and I, met Athena Demetrios in 1987 at the “Gathering Place” in Southern California where public channeling sessions were held by Thomas Jacobson, trance-channel for Dr. Peebles.

Soon after, I interviewed Athena for our book, To Dance With Angels. The story of her spiritual journey of healing is quite dramatic. She had been sexually abused as a young child by a boarder in her home, and struggled for years to move out of the darkness of those events into the spiritual light. And it was Dr. Peebles, as channeled through Thomas Jacobson, who set her on the path to healing. You can read her story of healing and forgiveness in both To Dance With Angels and Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom. She is currently writing a book on her life’s spiritual journey and hopes to have it ready for publication before long.

Athena Demetrios' professional work with spirit guide, James Martin Peebles, began nearly twenty years ago as an extension of her personal spiritual search. Athena studied with international channel and teacher, Shawn Randall, and with Thomas Jacobson, the well-known former trance-channel of Dr. Peebles.

Athena and I have become close friends over these years and I am pleased to now interview her for my website.

Linda: Athena, what was your earliest psychic experience? Did you share it with anyone? If so, what was their reaction?

Athena: I remember having a distinct “feeling” as I stood on porch of our house watching my father as he walked away that I wasn’t going to see him again. It was simply a knowing. Shortly after, Dad died of cancer. I was in my late teens at that time.

Linda: That’s interesting, Athena, because I had a similar event with my father. As he was leaving a family reunion event to return home fours hours away, it flashed through my mind that I would not see him again. He died of a sudden heart attack two weeks later. I later came to think of that “knowing” as God giving some preparation for what was to soon happen.

Athena: You know Linda, I believe that our Godself was giving us the precursor to those coming events. Strange because at times the feeling is so subtle yet it is so absolute. Sounds like we both experienced that same whisper. I remember the day we buried my father was filled with weird events. I understand it now as a precursor to the awakening or the reacquainting of my mystical side coming forward from other lifetimes.

The day of my father’s funeral, Smokey our dog had been cowering, slinking close to Mother’s legs following her from room to room. Dogs seem to have a sense about things or coming events. There was a strange rapping on the window and when I would look, nobody was there. I thought a bird had flown into the window pane. My mother had been sobbing, one of those rare times when she couldn’t stuff her feelings down for another second. It was always unsettling to say the least when she let go, as she always did everything in her power to not acknowledge her fear or anxiety. When she finally did, it would come out in heart breaking sobs. This was one of those times, and it always left me feeling helpless.

At the time, I was living at home and my baby daughter who was seventeen months old slept in a crib that was positioned by the bedroom door. Tina never slept through the night. I am a light sleeper, awake at the slightest noise or rustle and I always left the bathroom light on which illuminated my room with a soft glow enabling me to get up without stumbling around in the dark. And, the truth be known, part of me was afraid of the dark.

Mother finally went to sleep, and after flipping on the bathroom light I climbed into bed exhausted. My bed was against the wall directly across from the bedroom door, so I could lay in bed and see into the bathroom. I laid in bed thinking about death and that when one dies there is nothing. A big black void. I did not believe in life after death. I did not believe in God. I was an atheist.

I fell asleep only to be brought back to consciousness by my daughter’s wail for a bottle. I threw back the covers and swung my legs over the side of the mattress and sat on the edge of the bed for a moment composing myself, trying to gather the energy to get up. When I lifted my head, I saw my father standing in the doorway. I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest. He was fully illuminated by the bathroom light. He stood there, turning his head slowly from left to right. We’re not talking about some wispy apparition. He was fully there, in the suit we had buried him in. I jumped back in bed and threw the covers over my head and squeezed my eyes shut. After what seemed like the longest time, I mustered up the courage and lowered the covers and still with my eyes half shut, I looked again. He stood there, staring back at me. I covered my head just like a scared little kid, and I pulled those covers down three times. Three times he was still there.

I told my mother the next day that something really strange happened that night but because of all that had transpired with her the day before, I said nothing more. A year later, Mom and I were talking about Dad. It was the anniversary of his death.

Mom turned to me and said, “You know, something weird happened the night of your father’s funeral.”

I replied, “Oh yeah? What?”

"Remember when I had cracked up that day?” she asked.

How could I forget I thought to myself, it was awful.

She continued, “I was asleep when I felt a hand on my shoulder shaking me awake. ‘Wake up Ruth! Wake up!’ I bolted up in bed, and there standing next to the side of the headboard was your father. I was dumbfounded! He said, ‘Ruth, are you going to be okay?’ I shook my head yes. He repeated, ‘Are you sure you are going to be okay?’ I’ll be okay Jim, I stammered. ‘Well, I have to go now, but I’ll be back to get you soon.'"

Mother told me the room reeked of cigar smoke. My father was seldom without a cigar.

I began trying to contact my father, and was using a meditation technique that my sister taught me. I concentrated on a blue dot in the area of my third eye, and after a few weeks, I felt an energy shoot up my spine and I saw an explosion of white light. It felt like my soul had become one with that light. Now mind you, I had no idea what I was doing, what meditation or white light was, and, whoever heard of a third eye? Cyclops with that big ol’ eye in the middle of his forehead gave me the willies so I slammed that door shut as quickly as I had opened it. I did remember, however, hearing that same rapping on the window again.

Linda: Well, obviously your mother had psychic ability. Do others in your family line have intuitive/psychic abilities?

Athena: My mother was sensitive as she would say she had a sixth sense, or a “feeling about things.” She was fascinated with phenomena. You could always count on Mom to have a pile of Fate magazines and UFO articles next to her bed. Mom would have gone bonkers over George Noory, Art Bell, and would have been a nightly listener to the Coast to Coast AM Radio Show. Talk Bigfoot, Nessie or the Bermuda Triangle, and you would have a friend for life. My daughter remembers curling up in the crook of Mom’s leg on the couch watching late night creature features when Mom would babysit her. Mom would wake Tina up at 3:00 in the morning, make her toast and hot chocolate and they would sit on the steps in the backyard wrapped in a blanket and watch for UFOs. Tina was only four or five at the time.

My oldest sister Judy and I were telepathic with one another. However, the one really coming into her own is my daughter. Tina is very psychic with animals and always has been. If it walks, squawks, squeaks, barks, mews or whinnies, she’s got it. As maturity has come upon her I have watched her become more conscious of her own divinity, embracing spirituality and waking up to her own master within. Along with that awakening is a surfacing of latent gifts where mediumship is concerned. She has a very specific kind of gift coming forward. How that will develop depends on the direction she wants to take it. So yes, there seems to be a lineage per say, not that I understand how that works. I remember having a dream one time about giving birth to a baby with a large flap of skin on its face which I was later enlightened to the fact this is called a cowl. My daughter had read about this in a Stephen King novel and it had something to do with psychic powers.

Linda: Yes, I believe that idea of the cowl and psychic powers has been a old wives’ tale for generations.

What book or books have most influenced your life?

Athena: The Original Unveiled Mysteries, the Magic Presence, and the I Am Discourses Volume #3 by the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I was moving through the dark night of the soul. I was at the point in my life where I didn’t have a millimeter to turn from myself and knew I had to face myself and move out of denial. I fought hard to have hope that I could change, or that something had to make sense out of all the pain. I had not dealt with my childhood traumas. Those events were locked deep in my subconscious as if in safekeeping until I was strong enough to explore them.

Something deep within me knew that life was not meant to be lived like this. I wanted off the planet. I didn’t believe in God, not in any organized sense of the word. I know now that this black period was my initiation. I call it getting hit on top of the head with the cosmic hammer. Did she get it yet? No? Alright, let’s whack her again. Three crisis brought me to my knees in the most heartfelt prayer of sorrow and when I said, if life hurts this bad, the cause lies within me. That was my defining moment in life. I wasn’t a bible reader, never had been, but I always felt it contained some truths, but that they were distorted and filtered by human interpretation. I found a passage, the Lord is my Shepard.

And I began to chant it like a crazy person because I had nothing to hang on to but that prayer. I didn’t know who or what I was praying to or if God even existed. It was such a painful time. I sobbed myself to sleep and found myself in another dimension seeing my father who had been dead for 15 years at that time. That plane of existence is more real than this. My father flooded me with light and I know now, that light strengthened my spirit and saved my life.

Shortly after, a new acquaintance handed me the first three books of the I Am Discourses, with the statement, “You’re ready for this.” When I read the first few pages, I broke down and wept like a baby for I knew I had found everything I had always felt in my heart but could never find verbalized outwardly. I knew I had the tools to go home. To this day, many nights, I still sleep with one of the books on my heart.

Some months back, I had a wonderful experience of standing outside my body, observing myself as I slept. There above the book was a spiral of pure white light, sparkling diamonds, that was about a foot high. I like the purity of the original teachings. These books are worth more than all the gold on the planet to me because they gave me the freedom and the information to connect to my own God Presence, the I Am. I want to learn from those that have mastered the human experience.

I always felt Christ was a highly evolved soul but why couldn’t I do the same things? Why couldn’t I heal people or walk on water? We can.

The information has changed my life. I have been studying it now for some 28 years and I have never had to go out of the sanctuary of my own heart or home. As I apply what is contained within, more information is revealed and I love that. I love the fact that this isn’t a “believe it because I said so,” but try out these laws, and if you do, you will have tangible results, and I have.

Linda: Who has been the most influential person in your life, and why?

Athena: In the earth realm beyond a shadow of a doubt, my sister Judy. There are not enough words to describe the depth of love that I feel for Judy. Judy is on the spirit side now. However, I have seen her several times since her transition. I simply adored her. Growing up we lost great wealth to alcoholism and gambling and were plunged into such depths of poverty that I remember once having to burn leaves and old shoes to stay warm. Judy became the matriarch of our family of seven children during those years of chaos. She took care of us to the best of her ability, which had to be overwhelming and frightening to a teenager. She was like my lighthouse. She was beautiful. Six foot in stocking feet. I used to call her my king size Tinkerbell. She had a crippled foot and one of my best memories of my time with Judy was sitting at the bottom of the bed, rubbing her crippled foot and listening to Harry Belafonte records. I felt special because we could lock out the chaos and the rest of the kids. She was always there for me. Always.

Linda: You’ve worked with Dr. Peebles a long time now. How many years have you been doing professional channeling sessions?

Athena: Probably around eighteen years or more. I had the blessing of studying with a very talented teacher as channeling is an art form that takes lots of repetition and practice as a rule.

Linda: Would you like to share the very first time you vocally channeled Dr. Peebles?

Athena: It was in 1982, I was half asleep, caught between two dimensions, and although I could not move a muscle, I was semi-conscious and was seeing in the physical realm. I saw a ball of white speeding towards me. It entered my solar plexus and I sat up and began talking like him. The next day, I had a session with Thomas Jacobson and I asked Dr. Peebles about that experience. He replied in his singsong manner, “Oh yah my darling, that was me, coming to you to help instill a sense of joy about you being alive.” I had been hearing him speak to me in my head. It was shortly after when he asked permission to come through me. I had just finished a ten week course with Thomas Jacobson called “Journey to the Heart.” Thomas was working with each of us individually on the last day of the workshop to help us connect to, or channel spirit. When it came my turn, I stood up and Thomas was standing to my left. He invited spirit to come forward. I felt this energy almost like a wind come over/through me and I started to fall back. I could hear the class group gasp. I was aware of Thomas catching me and sitting me down. Doctor Peebles surprised us all by speaking through me. Even though he had asked my permission prior, it still caught me off guard and I know it surprised the heck out of Thomas. Like I said once in Linda’s book, that was the beginning of my love affair with Dr. Peebles.

Linda: Can you explain how Dr. Peebles’ energy feels to you, both, just before going into trance and while in trance?

Athena: That has grown and evolved over time. In the beginning I felt nauseous and light headed. Doctor Peebles’ point of entrance in me is through the solar plexus. There is a stillness, and then a contraction in my solar plexus. Sometimes the contractions are really strong, and even while I am moving into a deeper trance state I feel the contractions continue. Prior to moving into that state, it is like my presence is in the room but when the Doc comes through and I am in trance or that altered state, I can hear a communication taking place that sounds really loud. It is like I go off into the laundry room of the house and his presence fills up the house. That is an analogy that describes what it is like for me. When he leaves my energy field and I open my eyes, for a split second everything is larger than life; like looking through a magnifying glass at an ant and then all returns to normal size. It is like going into a very deep, deep daydream. He is a very large presence. I hold full recollection of seeing past lives, spirit guides, and those on the other side. People always ask if it is exhausting. No. That depends on how you are taught. If you think it will drain you and you create that belief around channeling, then that will be your experience. If you use the experience to energize yourself or open yourself to receiving more love, than that will be one’s experience. Much has to do with the method by which the student is taught, by their teacher’s perspective or by their own beliefs. And I venture to say, since most people that reawaken to the process of channeling again have been mediums or channels before in a past life, and we can carry forward fears or hesitations from lives where we were condemned or punished because of where consciousness was at that time upon the planet.

Linda: You and I have often spoken about the responsibility that we feel goes along with healing work with others. Would you like to share your thoughts on that?

Athena: I feel passionate about this subject. There is a great responsibility that goes along with the gift of mediumship or the gift of prophecy. It is abused at times out of greed or ignorance as to the inner workings of universal spiritual laws. One needs to be cautioned as to predicting the future of another. Our life is our own creative adventure and although we do come in with a backdrop of probabilities it is up to us as to the direction we create.

Here is a prime and extreme example of what drives me nuts. I personally know a woman who was told by a psychic that her daughter was never going to live to be a teenager. Now imagine if you were in the mother’s shoes. You would be terrified wouldn’t you? And, it would be almost impossible to stop thinking about it. The mother told her friends, and now all of these fear-based thoughts are being projected at the daughter by everyone constantly having their attention on it thru fear. Someone can tell you eight good things, and perhaps one negative. If someone tells you something negative, you will revolve it around in your mind until you create it as an actual experience. Now, not only is that psychic responsible for the impact that has on the other person, but in that sense, one gives up their power to something or someone else. It is a fine line. If someone tells you that they can do a ritual and a spell to bring your boyfriend back into your life for three thousand dollars, run like hell in the opposite direction. There is always a way to work with information that empowers and does not instill fear.

Linda: As you mentioned, Dr. Peebles had asked permission to come through you. Channels and/or mediums have often said that they made an agreement to work with their spirit guides before incarnating into this present lifetime. Do you believe you had that kind of agreement?

Athena: There is no question. Yes. I have had lucid dream/experiences of seeing myself talking to a group of them with regards to my book. I experienced while under hypnosis to my surprise, my last time on the spirit side being counseled by masters prior to incarnating in this lifetime. I know I had an agreement to be of service as a conduit. It is my joy, it is my passion. I have also had several occasions where I have had lucid dreams of talking to Doctor Peebles on the spirit side, seeing him just as his picture is on your website.

Mediumship is a big part of my life, and this I know now is a lifetime in which Dr. Peebles and I knew each other in his last life. I was a medium then. I was so electrified when I first came into contact with Doctor Peebles and I couldn’t help but feel as if I knew him. Once years ago, through Thomas Jacobson, Dr. Peebles confirmed that he knew me well, that I was not in his peripheral vision, he knew me intimately, that we worked on several projects together and that I was a medium through and through. He told me my name and that I would be investigating this later on in life. I let it go. Several years later, a good friend had a session with a medium, unbeknown to me, and asked about our connection with Dr. Peebles during his lifetime in the 1800’s. He was given the same name and the identical information about this woman who was a well-known Spiritualist and had been a friend of Dr. Peebles. Then the same information was validated again by another spirit guide through another channel. I never asked the other two sources about this information, it was just given.

Some years later Linda, you discovered this woman’s actual life through research which explained fully all of the feelings and gifts or interest I brought into this life. In essence, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. I was a trance medium in that life, authored several books and I have one with my picture and bio. Dr. Peebles’ name is in the book as well. I go into this in depth in the book I am currently writing which is too much to go into here. My life has been so jammed packed with experiences of a most unusual kind and it has been exhausting living it, let alone documenting the journey!

Linda: You also are able to see spirit, broadening your work with spirit beyond what many of us do. Was the first time when you saw your deceased father?

Athena: Yes, my first experience with seeing spirit was the experience with my father which I described earlier. Prior to seeing spirit, there is always an electrical current that flows through my body from head to foot. It is like being plugged into a wall socket but the sensation is pleasant and not at all uncomfortable. When this happens, I am alerted that spirit is about to appear. It never fails. I call it the doorbell ringing. The frequency and vibration instantly change and that is when they appear. I can be anywhere, in a post office, a grocery store, an airport, you name it. When spirit appears, it is either because there is a message they want to be given to a loved one, or someone needs help in crossing over. I feel this work is sacred and it has taken off like wild fire in my life. Many times, if I am doing a private session with the Doc, prior to going into trance, a client’s spirit guide may step through the veil as they want their student to become conscious of them. This can be very exciting and also lets them know they are not alone, that their prayers are being heard. I see them very physically. I feel like Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Ghost, as I see them exactly like Patrick Swayze looked.

Linda: In more recent times, you’ve also been able to “read” past lives. When doing so, do you feel Dr. Peebles and/or his “band of angels” are helping with that, or might you be tuning into the Akashic Record much in the same way Edgar Cayce was able to do?

Athena: Actually, this has been part of my work with Dr. Peebles since the beginning. For me it is like sitting in a movie theatre when the screen is all black. There is a silence and a void, then, I see the scene come to life, just like viewing it on the large screen. I see people in their dress of the time, the interaction of the key people which can be karmic and also helps to explain the feelings one carries forward in this lifetime.

If I sit with a person and read them, as myself, Athena Demetrios, I look into their right eye and I feel as if I get drawn into their soul. When I move into that space, it is like a trance in its own right. I am very connected to my client and images begin to move forward. Then if I look at their third eye. That is where I see past lives. I don’t know about the Akashic Records, which of course I believe in as much as I believe we bring with us the record of our prior embodiments within our energy field or our stream of consciousness. Perhaps I may be tuning into that, I am not sure. I just know that I see them and that is good enough for me. On some things I don’t have to know why or the logic of how something works, I just know it does. Doctor Peebles told me it was a gift that I brought into this embodiment from other life times.

Linda: I know you’ve had alien abductions, and have even appeared on UFO Television show or shows in Los Angeles and written articles about it, but before we get into that, have you ever seen a UFO, from the ground up. I mean without being taken up into one. If so, when and where?

Athena: My first encounter, and I have had many took place in broad daylight, was when I was about seven. Now, were we taken up? I believe the experience I am about to share did result in being taken up. Here is what happened. I was going to the beach with my sister Judy who was seventeen at the time. Her friend was driving the car and I remember how special I felt because they took me along. I was sitting on the right side of the car hanging my head out the window like a kid will do. I saw a gun-metal gray round pie shaped disc hovering low, directly above our car. This thing was close and it was huge. I remember the car stopping, and getting out and I have a vague recollection of my sister Judy standing by the hood of the car but that is all that I remember. Judy had no recollection of that event. I can still see it clear as a bell. Dr. Peebles said that I did have a visitation when I was a child and that they had done something to my hip. I have no doubt that was the experience he spoke of. I cover my UFO experiences quite extensively in my book, and there have been several encounters with several different species. At this stage in my life, I am saying to ahh hell with it! I am out of the closet on these experiences.

Linda: Athena, as you’ve had several alien abduction experiences as have thousands, if not millions, of people, do you have an opinion as to what the off-earth beings’ personal agenda might be? Do you believe it might have a spiritual purpose?—Or about inter-breeding?—Or an experimental purpose as if we were guinea pigs in a laboratory? From your personal experiences what conclusions, if any, have you reached on that?

Athena: Yes, I have had several experiences with alien consciousness. Let me state it here for the record that I do not feel as a victim, but see myself as a contactee. These experiences opened up for me as a result of an invitation on my part for communication and it came from my heart. I had always looked at the heavens and stars at night and felt homesick. At one point I said, “If any of you are out there and can hear my thoughts, I’d love to communicate with you.” About a month later, the communication began. One would have to be a moron to look at the heavens and not think that life exits beyond the planet earth. With billions of universes, why would we be the select one with life?—and we don’t hold that in very high reverence—look at how we destroy life.

Once while staying at my sister’s house, I woke up and saw a small grey in the hallway. I bent down so that I was the same height and tried to take the feeling of love from my heart and said to him, “See, this is what love feels like.” Did it register? I doubt it, but that was my experience. The next day my sister told me she had the strangest dream that seemed so real, that an alien was in the house. I never said anything to her as she is fearful of them. I am not.

I am sure that we have been part of a seeding on this planet eons ago, and that our interactions were most likely that of experimentation depending on the consciousness, collective consciousness, and evolution of off planet beings, and their evolutionary process. We are all gods in the makings. But good lord, we think they are strange looking? Look in our own backyard first. We have rings attached to our noses and genitals, bald, hairy with beards and tattoos all over our body, and Mohawk hair spiked with gel and sprayed hot pink. Yah…I’d say they might find us an interesting study. I don’t find that strange at all. What diversity and a melting pot we are.

My own conclusions are this. I have none. The more I know this, the more I know nothing. I am a student of life as we all are. I believe we are part of collective consciousness that is making a huge shift and that no man is an island, that all life is a part of life. We are waking up to the fact that there is more life out there than what we have been taught is the only form of existence. The veil is thinner and other realities are making themselves known to us. Not to come forward and save us, but helping us wake up to the possibility of other life forms in existence. More life to explore. UFO—the unidentified foreign object within ourselves. Identify that, as Doctor Peebles says, and life will take on a different color and a different vibration.

I have received countless communications telepathically, drawings and encounters. For the greatest part, I have tried my best to approach these experiences with a sense of wonder and awe; as a result, it has taken me in a complete different direction than fear.

I am not saying out of the many experiences I have not experienced some that were frightening, but for the majority it has been one of wonderment. Again, this is information that I go into in depth in my book.

Linda: Do you have any advice for anyone who wishes to enhance their intuitive abilities?

Athena: Trust your gut feeling. Learn to meditate and quiet the external noise for that is where the doorways begin to open. Take a class in yoga, meditation, or listen to CDs on guided meditations. Talk to your spirit guides. Remember that spirit won’t intrude but looks forward to you extending the invitation. Let it be subtle, let it unfold. Keep a journal and write your inner most thoughts feelings and fears down. Talk to God. If you don’t believe in God, that’s okay, too. Write about your non-belief. Be gentle on yourself. It is all a process and it doesn’t happen overnight. The more you can relax, you’ll find those intuitive feelings will begin to bubble up to the surface and you won’t discount them as much with your conscious mind. The next time you feel the whisper of that subtle tiny voice that says…pick up some dishwashing liquid while you are out shopping, pick it up instead of ignoring it. Chances are you will find yourself saying, ‘Good lord! Why didn’t I listen to myself? I am out of dishwashing soap.’

Linda: How has channeling-mediumship enriched your life?

Athena: This may be the shortest answer of all. I feel more present. I feel more connected. I feel more alive.

I used to isolate myself and felt exhausted at having to interact with people. I am not saying there aren’t days when I just want to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head. I am human. I feel days like that, as I am sure most of humanity does. I remember having the strange sensation that I was observing life through the eyes of someone standing on the other side of a window. It felt so separating. However, the more I heal myself, the more connected I feel to life. Channeling is about opening to more love, feeling more intimacy. I know that the time I spent studying the art of channeling with Shawn Randall was such a highlight of my life. Grow without pain? What a concept!

Linda: Thank you, Athena, for sharing your mystical and paranormal experiences. I’ve read much of your upcoming book, and your journey of spiritual growth and healing has been most incredible, amazing, and inspirational. I know readers of your book will agree. I feel one of the most important aspects of your life story is over-coming the horrific sexual abuse you suffered, and your healing of those issues, which I know will be so helpful to the many others who have suffered those kinds of abuses. Your committed work with spirit has not only been valuable for yourself, but, it is, and will be, valuable to the many. You’ve mentioned you are currently planning to expand your work with additional workshops and speaking engagements. Good luck with that endeavor, and with finding an enthusiastic publisher for your book.

This has been an enlightening and intimate interview and thank you, Athena, for sharing details of your personal spiritual journey and work with Dr. Peebles.

Athena: Thank you, Linda. I remember how hard it was to share my story with you and Don so many years ago, knowing that it was going to be published. It was your sincere reaction to that, and of Don’s, that gave me a level of confidence to know that I had something to say and the ability to communicate it.

There is such a deep-seated shame that accompanies the experience of sexual abuse and it stains so many areas of the psyche. The thought of documenting my journey has been frightening and overwhelming at times. The fear of ridicule is always a challenge when it comes to the level of honesty and vulnerability. I knew I had to share. I’ve written my book for myself as part of my healing. I offer it from my heart with the deepest desire it can inspire another in their own personal quest for healing.

Thank you, Linda, for your frequent telephone calls with “what’s happening with your book?” I’m proud to say it is almost complete!


Athena Demetrios Bio:

Athena Demetrios’ driving force, from her earliest memory, was a search for God. In her own words, “I was filled with a longing to connect with what I felt in my heart but couldn’t find. I wanted to go home, to something greater than myself. It was simply a longing.” A childhood filled with challenges and great adversity gave her the determination to seek answers to why she was born, why life hurt, and what her purpose was on earth. That questioning became the thrust through all her life experiences.

Her spiritual awakening began following the death of her father, his appearance to her soon after, and culminated in 1979 when a series of events became the straw that broke the camel’s back. “This period was as my initiation into the light; the dark night of my soul.” It was in1982, when the spirit of Dr. James Martin Peebles (1822-1922) first appeared to her. Shortly after, Athena was vocally trance-channeling Dr. Peebles. He informed Athena of a past life connection they had shared as they lectured and worked together on several projects in the mid-1800’s during the Spiritualist movement.

As a medium, spirits often appear to Athena in the physical realm when they wish to convey a message to a loved one. In addition, time and again, Athena is led to a specific location, in which a spirit will appear who needs assistance in crossing over into the Light.

Athena understands her healing work and contact with the spirit world in this lifetime is a continuation of her last lifetime as a medium, trance-channel, and healer in the 19th Century. Athena has had an extensive career in the cosmetic industry. She has consulted in the area of product development, created packaging and worked for Revlon as an account manager. For the last twenty-five years has been a professional make-up artist in the Entertainment Industry. She has been a professional trance-channel and medium for more than twenty years. She now makes her home in Northern California.

Athena Demetrios is available for speaking engagements, and for telephone or in-person sessions with Dr. Peebles. For further information, email Athena at:   Athena's website:

Her bookThe Seasoning of a Soul is now in Print, Kindle, and Audio.

 Linda Pendleton Bio:

Linda Pendleton, medium and award winning author, has written in a variety of genres: nonfiction, mystery novels, comic book scripting, and screenplays. She coauthored nonfiction and fiction with her late husband, renowned author, Don Pendleton, including the popular nonfiction book, To Dance With Angels, and Whispers From the Soul. Her other nonfiction books are A Walk Through Grief; Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom, the Spiritual Psychology of the Grand Spirit, Dr. Peebles; A Small Drop of Ink.  Her fiction work includes her novels, The Unknown, Sound of Silence, Deadly Flare-Up, the Catherine Winter Series, and Roulette by Don and Linda Pendleton.

She has authored two online E-Courses, Journey to the Heart: Exploring the World of Spirit, and Healing Whispers: Communication With Your Spirit Guides and Angels.

Linda's website To Dance With Angels, explores the spiritual psychology of Dr. James Martin Peebles - from both his terrestrial life and his life on the other side - along with other facets of spirit communication. She has extensively researched James Martin Peebles’ terrestrial life and is considered an authority on his life. A native Californian, Linda is a former member of The Authors Guild.  Although most of her time is devoted to her love of writing, she also enjoys the exploration of her family's genealogical roots.

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