Linda Pendleton and E. Nora Amrani have been friends since the late 1980's. They share many of the same spiritual interests, and were first drawn together by the spiritual psychology of Dr. Peebles, as channeled through Thomas Jacobson, at the “Gathering Place” in Southern California, where public channeling sessions were held.

Linda: What was your earliest psychic experience? At what point did you receive “real world” confirmation or feedback of the psychic information?

Nora: My first psychic experience that was very real and confirmed in the real world occurred when I was ten years old. I had known that I had some psychic abilities, but this was the very first time I openly admitted it – and to my parents.

My cousin (but because she was so much older I always called her “aunt”) was hospitalized and we didn’t know what was wrong with her. We went to visit her in this hospital in Culver City. I stood at the foot of the bed and looked at her. I felt/saw something about her aura, the energy around her body. It was a sickly yellow/brown color and she seemed to be fading. She was sitting up in bed smiling and talking to us. She seemed to be her normal self. At that time I didn't know anything about auras and couldn't even explain it if I tried, but it was more like my inner vision picked up on it. I just knew that would be the last time I’d see her alive. I felt very sad knowing this. Her husband was my favorite uncle and their kids were my favorite cousins, and this would devastate them. Nobody told me she was dying, nobody said what illness she had. She spoke as though she would be well and home soon and logically there was no reason not to think so. But I knew she would die. I was silent the whole way home. It was the first time someone close to me would die.

When my parents and I returned home we were in my room talking about my aunt, there was something they forgot to give her, and my parents said they’d go back to see her the next day. I adamantly told them that there’s no point in them going to the hospital the next day because she’d be dead. She wouldn’t be there. My parents were furious with me, “How can you say such a thing?!” They scolded me. I shook my head and told them again that she was going to die. They left my room visibly shaken and angry with me for saying what I had said. They didn’t speak much more to me that day. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t believe me. That made me even sadder and a bit angry. I didn’t talk that night.

The next day my parents went to visit my aunt in the hospital and were back home quickly. I asked them what happened (and I already knew and dreaded the coming answer) and they quietly and soberly said that she had died and had already been removed from the hospital. They never got to see her again. She had leukemia – came on very quickly and was the deadliest kind. It was so fast we had a hard time with it – one day she was here and the next day she was gone. I looked at my parents and quietly said, “I told you so.” Their reaction was denial. That told me some people just aren’t aware of some things and I had to be careful with whom I talked to about being psychic.

Linda: When did you first realize that your guides were around you?

Nora: I was around 31/2 - 4 years old. My parents and I had driven off to a vacation. This was a big deal for my mother as she was looking forward to it for a long time and there were a lot of promises made about how great it was going to be. By the time we got to the hotel, I was seriously ill. I had a very high fever and couldn't move much on my own. My parents took me into the hotel room and called my doctor. I remember someone checking me out, maybe a hotel doctor. My parents were told that it would be best if they took me home to my own doctor because I needed medicine. I felt awful - guilty because I was sick and therefore the cause of ruining my mother's vacation. I could see that my mom was mad that we had to leave.

But I couldn't help it, it's not like I did it on purpose. I had an stomach and intestinal infection and found out later I was near death. On the ride home I was laying in the back of our green Chevy station wagon with blankets. I looked up at the stars, which is something I always loved to do. I saw one star, Sirius, and in my head I spoke to the star and God and angels and said that if it's my time to go, I'll go. I wanted to go home. I'm ready. Take me back home. I trusted what I said and whatever would happen. I received a telepathic answer, which was that I wasn't going home just yet. (Home meaning back to join my angelic family.) But, I argued, I really am ready, take me. Nope. Not your time. I didn't see any guides but I perceived the answers.

After this, I had an amazing experience when I was around 12. By this time I was doing my own experimentation with my psychic abilities. One thing I tried on my own was disappearing in front of a mirror. I would go into a meditation, seated cross-legged in front of a full length mirror on the back of my bedroom door, with my eyes open and then I would see myself fade out and disappear. I was pure consciousness. This was a technique I had used in a former lifetime (something I later found out).

One time I was doing this, I heard a voice talking to me. It was a female voice and she was faint at first. She was saying, "You are a Rani." I repeated it and asked her if that's what she said. She said it again. "You are a Rani." I wondered what the hell that meant. Did it mean I was a princess from India? She said yes but it was more about the man I was going to marry. Her voice became clearer. His name. “Amrani.” I thought that was very strange. Who the heck was that? Oookkkk, thank you, I said, a little bewildered.

So, I knew that I was getting messages from spirit even though I didn't know to trust it or not at that time. I didn't remember that incident very often through the following years. It was one of those things I felt unusual and put it in the back of my mind. When I was 23 years old I was at a folk dance cafe, “The Intersection,” with some friends. It was my first time there.

I was seated at a round booth with about 7 friends and we were talking. My eyes suddenly focused on a man standing against a wall watching the dancers. I couldn't stop staring at him. I finally asked my friends if they knew who he was. They laughed and told me his name and a little about him. They told me to forget about him. I told them in a deadpan, haunting voice, "I have to meet him. That’s the man I'm going to marry." They were hysterical...they thought that was the funniest thing they ever heard. His name is Israel Amrani. It hit me the next day that that was the name the spirit had told me long ago. How did the spirit know this? Would I really marry him? Yup, I sure did, two years later. My friends never forgot that one.

(Oh, and about that being an Indian princess – in the 1990s I remembered my last lifetime and wrote about it, and I was considered an Indian princess - Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan, aka. Nora).

Linda: Regarding your "knowing" that you had psychic ability before the event at age ten and the near-death experience at such a young age, did that type of experience lead you to assume at a young age that everyone had that ability? Or did you wonder if you were different in some way?

Nora: I always felt I was different, yet at the same time thought everybody knew there was life in outer space, that other beings existed that weren't human and they were loving and friendly, that we had other lifetimes and remembered them. I always felt the beings in space were my friends and family and I loved them and didn't understand why people were afraid of aliens or why movies portrayed them as evil. I used to write poetry about them and about past lifetimes... starting when I was five years old.

Linda: Tell me about your first actual channeling experience.

Nora: My first channeling experience was in 1971 when I was away at a private university in San Diego, living in a dorm. I was 19 years old. At that time, I didn't know the term "channeling." I only knew about being a medium and holding séances. Up until this night, I had never channeled another entity. One night my dorm mates decided we should hold a séance and I should be the medium for it, since they knew about some of my psychic abilities and past history. We took a vote on who we wanted to contact, and we decided it would be Jimi Hendrix. Jimi had recently died and his death was listed in our papers as suicide, drug overdose. We didn't know any other details about his death.

We set up an atmosphere for this séance. We put on his "Experience" album, closed all the windows and doors, lit candles and sat in a circle. We focused on Jimi. The album was playing on a portable record player, and for some reason the second time it went through playing the songs, the needle arm picked up and kept going down on one song in the same place, over and over, to where Jimi sang, "I don't live today." As the record player started doing this, I felt an energy come into the room. I was seated on the floor with my back close to a closet door.

I felt this energy coming to my body, my arms took the position of a guitarist. I began to play the guitar as Jimi used to. I was in a light trance - caught between being aware of what was happening and not being fully in control of it, either. I could see the reaction of the other women in the room but I had to let Jimi do whatever he was going to do. I didn't feel any fear at all.

He played this air guitar for a while and then my hands let go of the guitar and slowly came up to my throat, making the universal choking symbol. The women in the room were horrified, they though I was going to be strangled. I could not talk to them and tell them that it was okay, and I wasn't in any danger. My hands just kept going to my throat and I felt what Jimi felt when he died. He choked on his own vomit! Oh my god! I didn't know that! Some of the women started yelling, "Stop her! She's going to die!" All the commotion pissed off Jimi and he left my energy field in a hurry, and I got pushed back to the closet door (I wasn't hurt), and the other women felt a push, too.

We all stood up and saw a gust of wind in the room rustling the curtains (and all the windows and doors were closed, remember?). Then we stared at a Hendrix poster on the wall. We each talked about what we saw. The poster was crying. Jimi, in the poster, was crying out of his left eye, and I started crying out of my left eye. The album kept going back to "I don't live today." Everyone was freaked out and wanted to stop this thing. So we turned the lights on, blew out the candles, opened up the windows and doors and left the room.

We gathered together outside that room, in the hallway, and Jimi returned. He spoke through me. It took no effort, no trance, nothing. He just started speaking through me to them. They stared at me as the messages came through. Jimi said something that related to each person there.

He told them to promise to never abuse drugs and alcohol. He said that that's what killed him and he deeply regretted it. He would have done anything to change that. He said that if they didn't listen to him and do what he said, within 4-6 months each one of them would suffer the consequences of their actions. He was very serious about this. He told me, personally, don't start drugs and alcohol, and I promised him I wouldn't. I kept my promise.

The other women half-believed what Jimi said. They tried to find some other excuse for his words through me - like I was making it all up. I wasn't. It was really Jimi talking. I wouldn't have had the nerve to say anything like that to them on my own, and I had no idea that most of them were into drugs and alcohol. I only knew about a couple of them and didn't think it was anything to worry about. Jimi knew more than I did. The women joked about this to me and then we split up and went to sleep.

I couldn't sleep at all. I had two Jimi Hendrix posters on my wall staring at me and he was still around spooking me. I didn't sleep for three days. My eyes were bloodshot and I was very tired and didn't know how to get rid of Jimi. Unbeknownst to me, my roommates took some action.

On my third non-sleeping day I received a summons to the Dean of Women at the university. I didn't even know we had one. I walked into her office and wondered if I was in trouble, if something I did would expel me. I didn't have a clue why I was there. This lovely African-American lady frankly and kindly told me that it came out from my roommates that we had a séance and all these things happened. She wanted to know about it. I began to deny it. But, I could tell she knew the story, so I blurted it all out. I told her every detail except the part about me not sleeping. She sat quietly, seriously, listening to everything. I figured what the hell, I might as well get it all out because I was tired and needed help.

The Dean then shocked the hell out of me. She began her response by telling me about another woman who was driving in her car when Jimi's face appeared on the windshield in front of her. He instructed her to write down the lyrics to a song he just wrote (after his death). The Dean pulled out some papers from her drawer and handed them to me. These were the lyrics handwritten by the woman as dictated by Jimi - from the other side. It was called "From the Other Side." Some of the words were: "No need to eat, no need to sleep, no way to check the weather. No way to tell the friends you know that you are still together." There were many verses, (and I wish I had a copy of that today). I had chills and goosebumps and now I was scared. What the heck was going on? I started to feel like I was in a fog.

The Dean said that she believed everything I told her. She asked me if these lyrics sounded like they came from Jimi. I said they did - they were exactly his style. She nodded and said this was all real. The Dean asked me if I had been sleeping okay. I told her I hadn't, that I felt Jimi was still in the room and I couldn't rest. As if I didn't have enough surprises, she laid a huge one on me right then. She told me she would tell me how to get rid of Jimi's spirit! My mouth opened and dropped. I couldn't believe I was hearing this - from the Dean of Women! How did she know about the occult? Well, I was desperate and I agreed to follow her instructions. She told me to be very firm with him, yet loving, and tell him he had to leave, he's not welcomed in my room any more and he has to go on where spirits go. It reminded me of a banishment, or an exorcism, but not in such harsh terms. The Dean was fully supportive and caring of me and my situation and was a dream come true. I felt so lucky, and I felt so ignorant and naive.

When I left her office I thought about everything that went on. My roommates had spilled the beans, maybe out of concern for me, too, even though I thought we were going to keep this to ourselves. When I got back to my dorm room, I did a little ritual to expel Jimi's spirit. I worked at it for a few hours, and then I felt his energy was moving out. That night I slept well. There was only a trace of his energy left and I knew I'd be okay.

We investigated how Jimi died and found the coroner's report that said he had died due to inhalation of vomit due to barbiturate intoxication. It was exactly what I experienced when I channeled Jimi.

The women who were at the seance did not heed Jimi's words of warning. They each had an event that involved drugs or alcohol and were kicked out of school within six months, to the date. One drove on the freeway at 40mph totally drunk and was arrested, then expelled from school. Another was found stoned by her father and he took away her car, and took her out of school. And on it went. It was really something to see all of this come true.

The next semester I began taking voice/singing lessons. The first day in the sound room I was singing an opera and my teacher, who was accompanying me on the piano, gave me a strange look. I saw a shadow enter the room. Next thing I knew, I felt a man's energy inside of me and he started singing, belting out this aria. I felt his beard, his height, his whole being. My teacher kept staring at me, observing, and playing the piano. Then the energy just left. My teacher stopped playing and asked me, "Do you know what just happened?" I told him, "Not really." He then told me about the spirit that entered the room and channeled through me. He saw the man's face superimposed over mine. He completely described him accurately. I was frightened. I asked him, "How could this happen? How could it happen without me knowing about it?" He asked me, "Do you have any control over your mediumship abilities?" I said, "I only had one experience in channeling a spirit, Jimi, and I didn't know what the hell I was doing. And it really scared me because he wouldn't leave." I told him the story. The teacher then informed me that he was a spiritist and part of the spiritist church. He said he knows all about mediumship, and I was a natural medium, and would teach me so that I would be in charge of the experience and no longer afraid! Yoikes!

I walked out of that room in a daze. My life was definitely getting weirder by the day, and taking on a new turn. I knew I couldn't ignore all these signs pointing me in this new direction. I also had the most phenomenal luck with the Dean and now with my voice teacher who was willing to teach me, for free, how to be a real medium. And he did. For the next year together we went to help people whose homes were haunted. We saw spirits and counseled them, conveyed messages from them and helped many. I learned so much.

I'm eternally grateful to both of them because they gave me back to my real self and helped me realize that I don't have to fear these things, but I can choose and control who and what I channel and how I deal with spirits. That began my long adult experiences and education in channeling, mediumship, counseling and healing work.

Linda: That was quite an experience! Have you ever worked with the dolphins or other living animals?

Nora: I channeled dolphin energy, but haven’t worked with them, per se. I have channeled many different lifeforms and elementals on our planet such as birds, fog, squirrels, sting rays, butterflies, and so on. I connect with the collective consciousness of these different groups and sometimes individuals.

I have worked with dogs and cats, healing them and communicating with them and relaying messages to others from them. I mean living animals, but it hasn’t been something I specialized in.

One form of work I did with my dog is representative of this. I just got a puppy for a gift. The dog was so fragile and small and he was in my car and jumped from the passenger seat to the carpeted floor and broke his leg! That’s how fragile he was. I took him to the vet and his leg was x-rayed.

We discovered he had been malnourished and his bones were weak. The vet was sure his leg was so badly broken that it might have to be amputated. He put a cast on it at my insistence and said he’d see if it would heal. He gave it a month’s time. I told him that I would heal the leg and he would not have to have it cut off. The vet sent the x-rays to a vet specialist in another city for a second opinion. Both felt the dog’s leg couldn’t be saved because there was no blood flow in the bone, to the bone, and so on.

I worked on my dog every day for a few weeks, using my hands and sending certain energies to his leg and surrounding areas, and I used one of my most powerful crystals. One day I felt the energy had changed and his leg was healed. I took the dog back to the vet and told him the leg was healed. He didn’t believe it. I dared him to x-ray it. He did and his jaw dropped. The leg had healed perfectly. He couldn’t explain it and asked me what I had done. I told him the basics and he was still hesitant but figured what the heck, it worked. He couldn’t make scientific sense of it at all. I laughed and walked out.

Linda: When you do the healing work do you always use crystals as a healing tool in conjunction with hands on, or do you use other methods, such as meditation for long distant healing?

Nora: I use whatever I feel guided by my higher self to use. Sometimes it's a combination of hands and crystals, and water, and/or connection with interdimensional tools which are available to me as part of the Temple of Healing. The hands don't always have to be hands-on as sometimes the work is done in one of the energy fields of the body apart from the physical (emotional, mental, or spiritual).

I have done long-distance healing work, as well, but even while doing this my hands might be doing all kinds of things to send the energy to that person. Sometimes visualization is all that's necessary.

Linda: Do you know if others in your family line have (or had ) this ability to connect with other dimensions?

Nora: I was adopted when I was a week old. I always knew I had brothers and sisters somewhere out there, and I even knew my first birth name, although I don’t know how I knew it as no one told me the name until I was given my adoption papers and saw the name written there. I was 30 years old when I found my biological family and met all of them. I learned that they all had some psychic ability and loved to go for readings given by psychics. They were interested in all of it. But, none of them took classes in developing it further, or making it a life’s project or career.

Linda: How long ago did you realize that your psychic/healing abilities could be of help to others?

Nora: That’s a great question and I had to dive into my memory for this one. The first time I realized that I could do this verbally was when I was a teenager and received messages to give to others. At that time it was more like a game for me, testing what I could do. The reaction from people was profound I saw it touched their heart (which is how I knew that the information I received was accurate).

When I was in university and had that wonderful voice teacher, that was the first time I realized that I could not only help people here in the body, but help spirits who were troubled. That’s actually one of my favorite aspects of healing work helping spirits in other dimensions. This ability with me grew much more during formal classes to develop my channeling, energy work, and other psychic arts. I developed the ability to see these interdimensional spirits, and talk with them, help them work through their issues and to move on. Some of these entities have been stuck for thousands of years not realizing that they don’t have to do the same thing for eternity. Some of them are very sad, stubborn, afraid to break a promise to someone they made long ago, and so on. When they understand that they can choose something else, and I am able to show them a way out, they are so thankful and happy. That is extremely gratifying work for me. The energy work and hands-on healing was something I had recalled from my past lifetimes and when I saw footage in documentaries of tribal healers when I was younger, it triggered my memories and interest. I didn’t take courses in healing until I was in my late 30s and early 40s, After my formal training in energy work, I did both public and private sessions and saw how beneficial this work is. One thing I am able to do is energize water, and that’s another form of healing.

Linda: Knowing that aliens are part of your channeling "group," do other entities such Dr. Peebles, or your Native American guides, feel different than the alien energies? Do you find each entity has his/her unique energy?

Nora: May I make a distinction here? The term alien means foreign. I prefer the terms extraterrestrials or interdimensional beings because then they’re not foreigners to me. They might reside somewhere besides Earth but they aren’t strangers or foreigners, but family having another kind of life experience.

This is a bit complicated but I'll try to explain it as clearly as I can. Every entity has its own energy, its own frequency according to its own consciousness. That includes their location and culture, just like us. If a person comes from Africa, they contain the consciousness, energy and culture of Africa and their family. That person will have a different way of communicating and relating to the world than some from the Ukraine or the U.S. If a being comes from another planet, they contain the energy and consciousness of that planet as well as their location on it, their culture, and so forth.

Angels have a different vibration from extraterrestrials, although some are quite close and hard to distinguish until one gets more information from them. If the entity is part of a group of healers, they have a particular energy. Counselors have a different vibration from spirits whose specialty is in the art field, for instance. Each might vibe with a very high and light frequency, but they have different focuses. Some are more focused on the intellectual and some more focused on the heart, and so I feel them in those respective areas in my own body. Extraterrestrials from one culture (let’s say Essessani) might be more intellectual, mental, while some Sirians or Pleiadeans might be more heart energy.

There is an individual and a collective vibration, and what those are depends on the development of that consciousness. Those entities whose focus is on warfare have their distinct qualities. Denser energies (spirits that are troubled, angry, sad, confused, lost, murderers, or those who are part of the dimensions that attract heavy substance abusers) feel heavier, stickier, and one can perceive them with different colors, or holes in their auras, or from the emotions they emit. Sometimes these energies can be verbally abusive. After working with the denser energies I have to clear out my own energy fields.

I think that the more evolved a being is, and that includes being in the highest integrity, the lighter their energy, and faster their vibrational frequency is. Entities that have never had the physical expression before feel airier than those who have had physical incarnations. The manner of communication is also different, such as the language used, is an indication of whom I’m in communication with.

Linda: Tell me a little more about how you find the energy of Dr. Peebles, if you would.

Nora: Dr. Peebles has a very unique energy. It's very powerful and intense. Counselors, grand spirits and angels like Dr. P., have a high vibrational frequency. Their energy fields are immense. They come to those who vibrate at a similar frequency, one who can handle their energy, and those who resonate with their messages, with their intent. Like attracts like.

When Dr. P. is ready to channel himself through me, and to others who channel him, one begins to feel his energy build. He has to step down his frequency in order to connect with our physicality, and even so it's so strong that one vibrates inside. The first times I tried to channel him vocally, it was scary, as if there was this massive sun inside that was ready to explode and I tried to control it (which was fighting the energy) and some of that is a natural survival mechanism that goes into play, I think.

The first times I worked with Dr. P. in vocal channeling, I couldn't stop shaking. His energy approaches my head, and then enters in through the solar plexus and heart chakra, then bursts through the throat. One can feel his body, his beard, his hands as if they are your own. It takes a long while to adapt to his energy because he is so much light and love that vibrates very rapidly, and my little body (by comparison to his energy field) is challenged to contain that even for a few seconds. So channels are dealing with our natural physical, automatic reaction being overpowered by our awareness that this blend of energies is alright and safe. It takes practice to let go, go deeper and deeper into trance, and allow him to take over, in a sense.

Working with Dr. P. as a vocal channel is a major decision and dedication for a channel, and it takes many years and many levels of channeling to have him more fully present and clear. It's a relationship and a co-creation that requires fine-tuning, trial and error, trust and love.

Because my work is not primarily vocal, and I work with many different kinds of energies, I decided to work with Dr. P. telepathically. I hear him in my head and he guides me as to what to write. Sometimes he pops in when I'm writing an article and offers a few sentences, or an entire article. I know he's around when I start hearing his voice and accent, his particular and unique language - Victorian-era English. He can sneak up on me, too! Sometimes I'll start writing and *bam* the language starts to change. He uses words and phrases things differently from my normal style of speaking or writing. His entire colorful and brilliant character comes through. And boy, do I learn a lot from him.

Linda: That’s interesting, Nora. When I work with Dr. Peebles clairaudiently it is so obvious that it is him. And yes, he does sneak up sometimes. I think he gets a kick out of that. Often I hear him when I am writing, and when that happens there is no doubt that it is his words I am typing. Of course, when I do specifically call on him, it doesn’t take him long to arrive. Yes, he is so brilliant and so full of wisdom. He has a beautiful energy and I love his humor. He makes you want to smile. During his terrestrial life he was also brilliant. His writings were poetic and flowery, as where most of the 19th century writers. We’re lucky to have discovered him as one of our spirit guides. He really feels like an old friend.

What guidelines would you recommend to those new into their spiritual search or awareness to increase their ability to connect with the other side, i.e.. spiritual beings including those beings considered to be extraterrestrial?

Nora: The first question a person needs to honestly ask themselves is, "Why am I choosing to do this? What do I want from this? What do I imagine it will do for me? Do I have a long-term goal with this? Can I dedicate myself to this for the rest of my life, or do I think it will be a quick fix to something in my life?" When you embark on a spiritual quest to know/remember yourself it is a lifelong, ever-evolving process knowing you are a multidimensional being, and this requires truth, continual inner work, and transformation.

Once you commit yourself to this amazing, sometimes difficult, yet empowering, magical journey you can't go back. Your life will be forever changed. Your relationships might change. Your perceptions will change. You will develop more compassion. If you try to go back, you'll know you're only lying to yourself, and you know you MUST go forward. If you have the courage to face yourself and love yourself, and then work in many dimensions, in a relationship, as a co-creation with entities who might assist you and work with or through you, then go for it.

Be in your integrity. Take responsibility for what you're doing, and trust yourself. If you aren't aware of who YOU are, you can't be aware of any other energy. If you don't know yourself, you will relinquish your personal power to any energy, and that’s not what this process of being a true metaphysician, spiritist, or channel/medium, or healer is about. (Beings of high frequencies may not want to work with you, either.) Be grounded. Know yourself. Take care of yourself - respect yourself and use discretion. Be clear in your intent. Always check for any personal agendas, and let go of your negative ego. Remember that you are not here to control anybody else. Ask for information that comes from the highest sources for your own highest good and growth. Know you are a divine being and worthy of the highest. Then open up your heart and let in the love and

Linda: You’ve made some very good points here, Nora. I believe that a lot of responsibility comes with spiritual work and integrity is of the utmost importance. I’m sure this will be helpful to others.

Let's talk a little about your Native American ties and interest, Nora. I know you have a lot of great information on your website about the Native Americans.

Nora: When I was around 5 years old my family went to the Apple Valley Inn for a vacation. This is a place in the San Bernardino mountains - quite remote - several hours' drive from Los Angeles. (Yes, it is known for its apples and every year there are apple festivals still going on up there.) This was back in the mid-1950s. The local Indian American tribes would come to the Inn and do a powwow for guests in this outdoor amphitheater. When I saw them I was immediately drawn to them. I started dancing along with them. After their performance, I kept dancing. The "chief" came over to me, this little white-haired, blue-eyed girl who felt she was an Indian. I stopped dancing, feeling a little embarrassed. He sat down with me and looked into my eyes. He nodded and smiled and I don't remember all of vocal words he spoke to me, but I recall the message he gave me - which was more telepathic, and that was that he recognized family in me and that there would always be a connection between us. He did express that he was surprised, impressed and pleased that I was the only one who had danced with them. He asked me why I had done that. I shrugged my shoulders and said something like, "I liked it - it felt good." I looked right into the eyes of that man and felt he was my grandfather. I wanted to stay with him and the tribe.

From that moment, when I was confronted with that "chief," I knew that somehow, sometime in my life I would be involved in Native American issues. I remembered in past lives I had been an American Indian. One life I was a healer who used smoke from herbs. In another I was an artist. There were some others and then in my last incarnation as a Native American I was a peace-maker between the Europeans and the Native people. I knew that I had something to say about American Indians and one day would do so. As young as I was, I knew that it would be interesting to see how this would develop, me not being an American Indian in this life - and it has proven to be an interesting challenge. After that powwow in Apple Valley, I made my parents buy me some ankle bells to wear so I could "dance like the Indians did."

Being raised in Los Angeles brings one very close to native roots, too. Part of the curriculum was to go to the Southwest Museum and the La Brea Tar Pits, the Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara and the Chumash, the tribes from San Diego - it's all around here. I was always drawn to the spirituality and rituals of the Native people. All these things were strong influences for me.

Later on in my life, by the time I was in my mid-30s, I had read dozens of books on American Indians, visited reservations, participated in powwows, and was into spirituality. I went back to school for my Masters Degree in American Indian Studies and was a guest speaker in various elementary school classrooms on Native Americans.

Linda: So your American Indian Studies led you to write your book, "American Indian Women Poets." Tell me how that came about and a little about the book, if you would, Nora.

Nora: The book came about through a term paper for a class in the Masters' program. I was so fascinated with the poetry by Native American women, and their struggle and to identify themselves and then how to pass on to their own children their knowledge. I could relate because of my own adoption story, the importance of finding and accepting one's self no matter where one is.

Linda: Do you believe that your early spiritual understanding led you into to areas of educational pursuits that you may not have followed if you lacked that spiritual knowledge and understanding?

Nora: Absolutely, no doubt about it. It created such a curiosity in me that I had to keep following the trail.

Linda: Nora, this has been a very informative and enlightening interview. We’ve covered a broad area of the paranormal and spiritual and I thank you for sharing with us. And I invite the readers to visit your website as it is filled with great spiritual and inspirational information.

E. Nora Amrani lives in Southern California. She is an Author, Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Certified Energy Worker, Metaphysical Counselor specializing in personal transformation, source connection and changing life patterns. She is also an Interstellar and Multidimensional Communicator; i.e., channel and medium in writing, art, vocal and transitional work for people in the physical body and those in spirit, and energizes water with her natural abilities. Her focus with Dr. Peebles is in relaying his messages in writing.

She holds a B.A. Degree in Drama and completed M.A. degree coursework in American Indian Studies, and was a Dean's List Scholar. She is author of the book, "American Indian Women Poets: Women Between Worlds," (Vantage Press, 1993), and her articles and channelings have appeared in "Sedona, Journal of Emergence! Magazine" and "Elohim Magazine." Many of Mrs. Amrani's articles and channelings, including those written with Dr. Peebles, can be read at her web site:

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Interview with E. Nora Amrani

Medium, Metaphysician, and Author

by Linda Pendleton

June, 2004