Was Abraham Lincoln A Spiritualist? By Nettie Colburn Maynard, 1891, Introduction, Closing Notes by Linda Pendleton. This book profiles the less discussed side of Abraham Lincoln, his spiritual side.  His interest in Spiritualism apparently separated him from many, but not all, as you will see in reading this book.  A  profound treasure, a spiritual profile of an intelligent man, a deep thinker, and a man dedicated to preserving the Union and inspiring  greater humane treatment of all citizens.


Welcome to the wonderful world of spirit.  Woven throughout this book is a broad spectrum of spiritual concepts, including three powerful spiritual principles given to us by a marvelous, witty, and loving spirit guide, Dr. James Martin Peebles.  His three spiritual principles are valuable spiritual ideas easily incorporated into daily life. These principles allow one to attain love, healing, peace, and joy, along with meaningful and satisfying relationships. 

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Emma Hardinge Britten was a leading figure in the development of 19th century Spiritualism, with her writing, mediumship,and lectures in the United States, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere in the world. Born in 1823 in London, England, as a child, Emma could predict coming events and often saw the spirits of dead relatives and family friends. Her mediumship developed and she became a leading figure in the Spiritualist movement by the early 1850s. Emma traveled throughout America and to many parts of the world giving lectures and inspired addresses on the subject of Modern Spiritualism.   Kindle

A Search for Meaning From the Surface of a Small Planet by Don Pendleton.  Don Pendleton dramatically investigates the sciences, religions and philosophies with a view toward dignifying the human experience.  Those wishing to be challenged by innovative thinking and daring ideas will find this book takes them on a spiritual search as well as an intellectual one.

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A Walk Through Grief, Crossing the Bridge Between Worlds  by Linda Pendleton.  Following the death of Don Pendleton, his wife Linda, writes a reassuring testimonial of hope, comfort, and affirmation that consciousness survives death of the physical body and love lives on.  This book is not only for those in mourning but also as preparation for loss, and more importantly, for a greater understanding of life and death.

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Soul Expressions, Poetry Collection of Linda Pendleton and Don Pendleton. Poetry, A Bridge Between the Physical and Spiritual Worlds. Within this Poetry Collection by Linda and Don Pendleton, you will discover a variety of themes, Life, Love, Family, Angels, and a variety of styles such as rhyme, free verse, narrative, and a few humorous or limerick styles. For the most part, the poems are expressions of ideas, of emotions, without much thought to a specific style or form. Also included are a number of poems inspired and given to Linda by Don after his death.  Print and Kindle

As Light as a Feather by Linda Pendleton.  Linda shares inspiration and food for thought with her writings of NDEs, mediumship, angels, reincarnation, UFOs, spirit communication, and other areas of metaphysics and the paranormal, in such a way as to lend credibility to spiritual experiences.

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A Small Drop of Ink is a treasury of wit and wisdom, beauty and sentiment, inspiration and thought-provoking quotations drawn from ancient times to the present. Hundreds of thoughts of men and women that have changed the minds and hearts of mankind are arranged into six parts: The Wonders of Nature and Beauty; The Struggle for Freedom and Equality; Life Lessons; The Power of Love; The Creative Drive; and Windows of the Soul, along with inspirational vignettes from the author. This collection of quotations from the wisdom of the ages will lift the spirit. Every quotation may offer inspiration, invaluable insight and is thought-provoking.

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How Thin the Veil!  150 Years of Spiritualism by Linda Pendleton.  Take a Journey Back in Time.  In about 1850, Spiritualism reached a high interest and continued for a number of years, not only in America but world-wide.  The poets, philosophers, artists, and politicians of the time, along with the ordinary man and woman, in surprising numbers came to accept spirit communication as a comforting and fulfilling life experience.  Kindle.

We are never alone. We are surrounded by the love and guidance of the Divine Source and spirit guides and angels. You may discover how easily one can cross the spiritual bridge between worlds and enrich life with love, guidance, healing, and wisdom. Intuition is a Divine gift, and may be enhanced by fine-tuning our innate psychic ability. It can serve as a guiding force in our daily life. Learning to acknowledge and trust the whispers that come to us from the spirit world, can be invigorating to our sense of self as a spiritual being.

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Whispers From the Soul, The Divine Dance of Consciousness by Don and Linda Pendleton.  A definitive examination of mankind's search for the wellsprings and moving forces of the human experience.  A study of “Who we are?”  “Why are we here?”  “What is life all about?”

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What Meditation Can Do for You? A lot of good things. Meditation has many powerful benefits and may easily bring about stress reduction, a sense of well-being, confidence, and spiritual awareness. Mindfulness involves both concentration and acceptance, and paying attention to thoughts and sensations without judgment. It takes practice to become comfortable with mindfulness techniques but techniques can be easily learned and put into daily practice.


The Finley’s, known as “Darby and Joan,” in 1916 began communication with a young American soldier who had died in France on Christmas morning, 1915. Through the mediumship of Joan, the couple had fascinating and ongoing communication with this soldier who they called, Stephen, as he taught them about the other side and life after death. The book published in 1920 became a classic in spirit communication literature.

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Are we alone in the universe? Most people believe that we are not. Nearly 80 percent of Americans believe the government is not telling us all they know about UFO activity. Could the Earth’s much needed healing be part of another planet’s mission? Are off-earth beings here to help, or to hinder the human race? Can we unlock the long held secrets and mysteries about extraterrestrial life? Research and polls indicate that at least one in seven persons have had a UFO experience of some kind. Abductions, sightings, crop circles—messages from beyond? And why are we being denied disclosure?  What has science, technology, professional investigations, and history, revealed?   Kindle

The Cosmic Breath by Don Pendleton, Introduction by Linda Pendleton. Don Pendleton’s Metaphysical Essays dramatically explore  the human experience and the spiritual meaning of existence.  In Don’s inspirational examination of religion, science and philosophy, his findings are thought provoking, inspiring, and perhaps, even transformational for the true seeker.

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"Linda Pendleton skillfully combines wit with visual artistry through her description of magical Sedona. I think I just caught the Red Rock Fever bug!" ~Athena Demetrios, Author of The Seasoning of A Soul
20 Ways to Avoid Sedona's Red Rock Fever is a humorous travel guide to Sedona, Arizona's Red Rock country.  Come along with Linda Pendleton and her Red Rock "critters" and laugh a little as you learn about Sedona.  A visit to Sedona will be one that most people will never forget, but if you follow the instructions within these humorous vignettes, you may avoid catching the Fever! 


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Angelic Whispers of Love by Linda Pendleton.  We are never alone. We are surrounded by the love, wisdom, and guidance of spiritual Beings of Light—our angels and spirit guides from the Other Side. Within the pages of Angelic Whispers of Love, Linda Pendleton shares messages of love and inspiration she has received from the world of spirit.  Print and Kindle.

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