On board the Attack Transport USS Rutland, riding anchor in the Philippines, Radioman Second Class Don Pendleton was on duty in the Radio Shack when a plain language Morse Code message from Washington D.C. produced a flurry of excitement.  Most messages received during those war years were cryptically encoded for security purposes.  A "plain language" message from the President of the United States himself would have been reason enough for some degree of anxiety for the radioman on duty at the moment.  This particular message was awesomely stunning as the young radio-telegrapher began typing in the surprising announcement.

The Rutland was the Flag Ship of Attack Transport Division 47 which was already involved in the preparations for an all-out assault on the Japanese homeland.  This division, comprising six Attack Transports with their full contingents of five hundred combat soldiers on board each ship, had been assigned to lead invasion forces in Northern Japan and they had been outfitted with foul-weather gear designed to protect them against the colder climate of the Northern Pacific.  Don was a part of the Flag Group itself, directly under the supervision of the Task Group's commander, Captain C. L. Hutton, where his principle assignment was as the Petty Officer in Charge of an elite ten-man group of "Scouts and Raiders" who performed special ground missions behind enemy lines.  When not involved in those duties, he worked alongside the Ship's Company in the Radio Room. 

When the startling message from President Truman began forming in Don's earphones, his fingers caressed the keyboard of the typewriter and he was stunned to discover that he seemed to be typing out a script for a science-fiction movie.  An Atomic Bomb had been dropped on Hiroshima, Japan?! 

All of these warriors had known from the moment that the Task Force had begun marshaling for an invasion of Japan itself that this operation would be "one bloody son-of-a-bitch!"  After Guam, after the Philippines, after Iwo Jima, after Okinawa and Ie Shima, they all knew that a ground assault of the Japanese mainland would produce the most ferocious and brutal battle that they had ever encountered. 

But-an Atomic Bomb?  What the hell could that mean?  They were soon to discover what it meant.  After the second Atomic Bomb had been dropped, this one on Nagasaki, the shaken Emperor Hirohito of Japan announced to his people that the war was over.

The "Tokyo Task Force" was already steaming north from Manila and all now understood the full import of that astounding message from the President.  This war was finally over.  The Japanese had sued for peace.

For the soldiers and sailors of the "Tokyo Task Force," it simply meant that they would all be going home soon.  A few weeks later, on September 2, 1945, Don and his small group of Scouts, en route to a survey of the docking facilities in Yokohama, sped in their small launch directly beneath the fantail of the USS Missouri, anchored in Tokyo Bay, as the official surrender ceremony was being readied for General MacArthur, Admiral Nimitz and the Japanese emissaries.  The "Tokyo Task Force" soon after became a leading element of the "Magic Carpet Fleet" which began taking home soldiers, sailors and marines from around the Pacific.

Yes, World War II had ended.  Planet Earth had just entered a dramatic new phase of human evolution from which there would be no turning back.

The Atomic Age had begun.

If it is true that even the tolling of a church bell somewhere on Earth will eventually resonate throughout the universe then couldn't one expect that the detonation of atomic weapons on this planet would also be quickly noted by other self-intelligent life forms everywhere?  Wouldn't these cosmic echoes attract the attention of others who perhaps had been expecting just such a development on this third planet of the solar system?-who themselves had probably experienced a similar technological evolution all the way from bows and arrows to devastating nuclear weapons, thus aware and very concerned about the dangers confronting us all.  Might these advanced civilizations be much wiser than we as a result of their own early mistakes?  Would not they want to at least check us out, especially if they've been monitoring our progress over the eons?  Could their interest in the developments here on the earth be entirely benign and their primary concern be our own welfare, perhaps hoping to influence our behavior in a constructive way?  Or might they be worried that our advanced technology could pose a threat on a universal level at some point in our future? 

Could that explain what appears to be an increased interest in our planet and the basis for the "new" UFO age which began shortly after our first nuclear tests in Alamogordo, New Mexico, just weeks before the bombs were dropped on Japan?

As we have previously proposed in this work and in an earlier book, the aliens and their UFOs may have been with us since the beginning of life on this planet.  The inexplicable has always fueled the developing imagination of humankind-and it would appear that the phenomena in our skies have forever been there to do just that.  Granite carvings dated at 45,000 B.C., discovered in China's Hunan Province, depict robotlike figures and cylindrical objects in the sky.  The Cro-Magnon caves in France and Spain preserve paintings from 15,000 years ago that reproduce virtually every UFO description now being recorded in our modern age, and all the ancient religious writings from Vedic and Babylonian texts to the Holy Bible describe the phenomena in language appropriate to the time. 

Practically every civilization, every culture in the annals of humankind, have their traditions and "myths" recording the drama, from the "flying canoes" of the California Indians to the Greek Olympians and the hovering (sometimes thundering) "Lord" of Moses, throughout the world on every continent and even upon the islands at sea, each in their own way and according to their own perceptions but recognizably the same phenomena. 

During the Nineteenth Century, "airships" reportedly hovered over the great population centers of the world, producing "flaps" limited only by the communication technology of the time-even much earlier, being reported by Columbus, Paracelsus, and Goethe. 

An entire British regiment reportedly disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Turkey during World War I.  This incident has been referred to as "the vanishing regiment" and it occurred in August 1915, during the Dardanelles Campaign near the Turkish seaport of Gallipoli.  The entire British First Fourth Norfolk had been dispatched to reinforce the troops at Hill 60.  The phenomenon was witnessed by twenty-two men of an ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) force, three of whom signed an affidavit some years later reporting the details of the incident. 

The affidavit states, "The day broke clear without a cloud in sight as any beautiful Mediterranean day could be expected to be.  The exception, however, was a number of perhaps six or eight 'loaf of bread' shaped clouds-all shaped exactly alike-which were hovering over 'Hill 60.'  It was noticed that, in spite of a four or five mile an hour breeze from the south, these clouds did not alter their position in any shape or form, nor did they drift away under the influence of the breeze.  They were hovering at an elevation of about 60 degrees as seen from our observation point 500 feet up.  Also stationary and resting on the ground right underneath this group of clouds was a similar cloud in shape, measuring about 800 feet in length, 200 feet in height, and 200 feet in width.  This cloud was absolutely dense, almost solid looking in structure and positioned about 14 to 18 chains from the fighting in British held territory." 

We're talking, here, of a cloud nearly the length of three football fields, forty feet wider than one and as tall as a twenty-story building.  A "chain" is a field-surveying term of linear measurement; eighty chains are equal to a mile, so the cloud was positioned about one-fifth of a mile inside the British lines.  The ANZAC observers were watching as the men of the First Fourth Norfolk began their march up Hill 60 to join the fighting.  But the First Fourth never got there.  Remember that the year was 1915 and that these British army troops would be marching snappily into the fray.  It helps the perspective here to keep that in mind as our story continues.

"When they arrived at this cloud, they marched straight into it, with no hesitation, but no one ever came out to deploy and fight at 'Hill 60.'  About an hour later, after the last of the file had disappeared into it, this cloud very unobtrusively lifted off the ground and, like any fog or cloud would, rose slowly until it joined the other similar clouds which were mentioned in the beginning of this account.  On viewing them again, they all looked alike 'as peas in a pod.' All this time, the group of clouds had been hovering in the same place, but as soon as the singular 'ground' cloud had risen to their level, they all moved away, northwards, i.e. towards Thrace.  In a matter of about three-quarters of an hour they had all disappeared from view."

This, of course, from trained observers who by the year 1915 certainly knew the difference between a cloud and other things that may appear in the sky.  And note how slowly the "clouds" stole away. 

The affidavit concludes:  "The Regiment mentioned is posted as 'missing' or 'wiped out' and on Turkey surrendering in 1918, the first thing Britain demanded of Turkey was the return of this regiment.  Turkey replied that she had neither captured this regiment, nor made contact with it, and did not know that it existed.  A British Regiment in 1914-18 consisted of any number between 800 and 4000 men.  Those who observed this incident vouch for the fact that Turkey never captured that regiment, nor made contact with it." 

This affidavit was reported by UFO researcher Jacques Vallee in his book, Passport to Magonia.  

To have a sense of the magnitude of this startling report, one must understand that an entire infantry regiment with all its men, combat equipment and all the trappings required to sustain such a group in battle was simply swallowed up and lost forever without a trace.  This has to stand as the most unfathomable event of our modern age and cannot be explained by rationalization or "scientific" theory.  One can only arrive at the astounding conclusion that these troops and all their armor were "magically" whisked away to some other place not of this world.  If this is an example of a mass "UFO abduction" then we must wonder about its purpose and the ultimate fate of these unfortunate men.  Are they still "alive" somewhere and existing in some reality quite different than our own?-in what state?-and, again, for what possible purpose?  Even in a "near-death" experience, the entire body is not suddenly transported into another dimension but merely the consciousness itself.  Here we apparently have both mind and body completely leaving this dimension. 

It could be suggested that the character of the principle scientist in the film, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, was inspired by Vallee.  The film, in its closing segments, showed numerous long-missing military personnel disembarking from the huge "mother ship" and appearing to be a bit stunned and unaware of their "lost time" experiences; they were in their original uniforms and had not aged a day.  This film is pure "Hollywood magic," of course, but it could be closer to reality than many of us are prepared to admit.

American and Allied combat pilots over Europe during World War II often reported the presence of very nearby "lights" accompanying their aircraft.  This became so commonplace that these lights were soon christened "Foo Fighters" and it was initially suspected that they represented some sort of special weapon being employed by the enemy but it was later discovered that German pilots were experiencing the same aerial phenomena during their flights which they, too, attributed to enemy forces.  There were no reports of any aircraft of either side ever being physically attacked or interfered with in any way. 

All of the earth-shattering explosive devices from the air and the ground besieging the very planet throughout those war time years could not have been ignored by any beings who were in a position to somehow monitor those events and it is now a matter of record that our astronauts hurtling through space in earth orbit are able to identify with the naked eye the lights of our cities and even the vivid colors of our flora. 

Astronaut Story Musgrave reports this vision from orbit [OMNI Magazine, August  1994]:  "From space, the stars are brighter and you see the entire celestial sphere...on a night pass over Earth, we dark-adapted our eyes ahead of time, and the second the sun went down we turned all the lights off.  At 370 miles out we saw the whole United States.  Las Vegas is the brightest place on Earth." 

He was asked by the interviewer, Nina L. Diamond, "Could you see it from Mars?"

Dr. Musgrave replied, "Yeah, and they're probably looking.  Earth looks like it should:  deserts are brown, oceans blue, jungles green.  We saw cities and interstates at 2,000 to 3,000 miles.  While over Florida we saw an incredible aurora over Canada-the whole North Pole was covered with auroras.  This was while we were doing a spacewalk!  We saw the Mediterranean, Sicily, Rome, Athens, then Cairo, the pyramids.  We saw the Nile run down.  It's all lit up.  It's marvelous to look at the Himalayas as favorite place is the South Pacific from space.  You see the coral, the sea, mountains coming clean out of the water, the different blues, the expanse, the ocean greens, the particular clouds."

Perhaps we are not as invisible as we might imagine ourselves to be from a distance.  "The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air"-and all of it perhaps echoing through the cosmos.  Is it any wonder that we are being visited?

The first UFO report to receive national attention emanated from a veteran U.S. Forest Service pilot, Kenneth Arnold of Boise, Idaho, who reported observing "nine bright saucer-like objects" flying at incredible speed at an altitude of 10,000 feet in the vicinity of Mount Rainier in Washington State.  The Associated Press dateline was June 25, 1947, filed by a reporter in Pendleton, Oregon.  Arnold stated that the objects appeared to weave in and out of formation at a speed which he clocked at 1,200 miles an hour.  The term "flying saucer" originated with this event.

Reports of other unidentified flying objects in the skies above Sweden and in other spots around the globe reflected essentially the same phenomena although sometimes described as "cigar-shaped" and various other descriptions which may be accounted for as simply a different angle of view with relation to the observer.

Understandably, the most spectacular and most concentrated zone of UFO sightings during 1947 occurred in the area surrounding the sites of atomic research and weaponry development in the state of New Mexico.  These highly restricted areas included Los Alamos, home of the Manhattan Project which developed and tested the Atom bomb, White Sands Missile Range and Proving Grounds and, near Roswell, the headquarters of the U.S. Army Air Corps' 509th Bomb Group (the only Atom Bomb group then in existence).  From that moment on, all of our most sensitive military installations throughout the U.S. were veritable bee-hives of UFO activity.

More astounding than any was the incident at Roswell, New Mexico on July 7, 1947, where it was reported that a flying saucer had crashed on a ranch and that several extraterrestrials were discovered in the wreckage.

Many highly intelligent and particularly credible people have reported seeing a UFO.  Many others, fearing ridicule, have been reluctant to discuss such experiences.  Don was an Air Traffic Control Specialist with the FAA from 1957 to 1961 and was many times in contact with airline and other civilian pilots who reported unusual objects in the sky where no other objects were supposed to be.  When queried if they wished to file a formal report, the response was almost always a definite, curt, "Negative."  Off the record, of course, almost every pilot had many such "encounters" to relate-but not officially.  During a six month period of duty in Idaho Falls, Idaho, just east of the Navy facility which was developing the Atomic Submarine-a totally restricted area into which absolutely no unauthorized aircraft were allowed to trespass-the Air Force jet fighters defending that no-fly zone were repeatedly "scrambled" into defensive attitudes as a result of radar sightings of intruders into the air space.  By the time the fighters were on station, the "intruders" had vanished.  These were daily occurrences throughout the six months that Don was working in that area.  His radios at the FAA station were able to monitor those Air Force frequencies so he often was aware of the drama above the no-fly zone but there was never any official discussion of these incidents, to his knowledge.  Similar UFO flaps have been routine over restricted government facilities and other high-tech centers throughout the last half of the Twentieth Century.  Obviously something strange has been occurring in our skies for a very long time, now.   

Is it conceivable that the message from our brothers in space has the nature of a rescue operation when our life boat (Planet Earth) is springing leaks and in dire danger of sinking?

Or could it be that our development of atomic technology did no more than arouse their curiosity and that they are here primarily to observe and study the human race on earth.  If you give some consideration to the various accounts of alien abductions that seem to include some physical invasion of the human body, then one might wonder if the aliens themselves are in trouble and may be dependent on us to genetically invigorate their own race.  It could be that genetic "tinkering" has backfired on them and that they are in sore need of rescue, themselves.  Could they have lost the ability to love, feel compassion and all the other great human emotion that makes life so worthwhile here for us and are they hoping for an infusion of those kinds of energies into their experience of life?  Have they become, in fact, more robotical than human, so caught up in their own intellects that they can no longer experience passion, pain, joy or even empathy-and some have now become aware of their folly?  Is that where we are headed without some "rescue operation" on our own behalf?  

Long time alien abductee investigator Budd Hopkins holds the theory that the abduction phenomenon is a breeding program by the aliens to produce a hybrid alien/human race.   We have attended one of Budd Hopkins lectures and found him to be convincing and even passionate on the subject, often evincing obvious indignity at the way these abductees have been handled by their captors.  In his work with abductees, through hypnotic regression, he presents a picture of fear and terror, sexual experimentation and invasion, and the attendant mental stress. 

Professor of History David Jacobs of Temple University, seems to agree with Hopkins as to the motives of the abductors.  Jacobs became intrigued with the UFO phenomena while reading about the experiences of Barney and Betty Hill in John Fuller's 1966 book, Interrupted Journey, one of the most dramatic and provocativeearly studies of UFO abductions.  Jacobs is the author of The UFO Controversy in America published by Indiana University Press in 1975.  His new work, Secret Life:  Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions, investigates three hundred accounts of sixty abductee cases.  He feels that the abductees have been furtively invaded and that the invaders are interested entirely in their own needs. 

An alternative point of view has been advanced by Psychiatrist John E. Mack of Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School.  In his book, Abduction:  Human Encounters With Aliens, he reports his investigation and treatment of nearly one hundred abductees and has reached the conclusion that such encounters often have positive effects.  "I have come to see that the abduction phenomenon has important philosophical, spiritual, and social implications."

Dr. Mack further states that as the experiences of the abductees are brought into full consciousness, they seem to feel increasingly a sense of oneness with all beings and all of creation, and this is often expressed through a special love of nature and a deep connection with animals and animal spirits. 

According to Dr. Mack, many, if not most of the abductees with whom he as worked extensively, have come to feel that their enhanced spiritual awareness must be translated into some sort of teaching or higher purpose.  Although they are saddened, or feel hopeless about the ecology of our planet and continuation of life-forms, they believe that they must do something about preserving life on earth.   

We find it interesting that many of these subjects have changed their jobs or careers in order to fulfill their newly discovered purpose in life and that they feel a particular responsibility to inspire a new consciousness on earth.

Story Musgrave could probably relate to those feelings.  This epitome of "the Renaissance Man" career astronaut with five shuttle flights under his belt, medical doctor, computer scientist, philosopher, poet, private pilot and skydiver, a perpetual student now working on his seventh advanced degree, and is still going strong in his later years.  He is refreshingly candid and minces no words in expounding his view of reality.  On the subject of intelligent life elsewhere, he states, "There are living creatures far more developed as civilizations.  They've been around for 100 million years, and we can't even conceive how advanced they are and the kinds of things they're doing.  That's why I make an effort to communicate, and might be considered eccentric because I do, because I know the probabilities are close to zero.  But I do tell them to come down and get me.  And if they came for me, unconditionally, I'd go."

Dr. Musgrave does not mention in his OMNI interview that he has ever seen a UFO but we would not be surprised if he has.  We would wonder, even, if most of the astronauts had not encountered UFOs during their space travels.  There is little doubt that these intrepid travelers have had "life-changing" experiences as a result of their missions into space.  One may also wonder what the Apollo astronauts could tell us about their true adventures on the moon if they were free to speak candidly of their experiences.

A particularly intriguing set of data now being advanced by Richard Hoagland's "Mars team" may be opening tremendous new insights into the real history of our moon.  An analysis of NASA photos gained from the Apollo Missions seem to be suggesting that massive domed crystal cities as least as old as the Martian pyramids could be scattered about the surface of the moon.  It is even suggested that our Apollo astronauts barely missed crashing into some of those structures and that one of the unmanned probes which disappeared without a trace seconds before touchdown could have been destroyed by one such structure.  It is hypothesized that NASA shortly thereafter discovered that the lunar surface is "crowded" with such artifacts and that this could explain why we have not visited the moon for more than a quarter of a century.  But isn't it time, now, for another look? 

Whoever the aliens are, from wherever they come and wherever they've been, it appears that we all sail the same cosmic sea, carrying common needs, desires and destinies, struggling to chart a course that will carry us Home. 

We are, in the final analysis, one people-so what benefits one should benefit all-and what endangers one, endangers all.  If this is our heritage, then all we need now is the courage to claim it.

Excerpt, Whispers From the Soul, © Copyright 2000 by Linda Pendleton, All Rights Reserved. This article may not be copied, reprinted, published, quoted, electronically transferred, posted to web sites, or reproduced in any manner whatsoever.  Intended for personal reading use only.   

“’The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air’—
and all of it perhaps echoing through the cosmos.
  Is it any wonder that we are being visited?”
~Don and Linda Pendleton, Whispers From the Soul

When my husband Don Pendleton and I set out to write our nonfiction book, Whispers From the Soul:  The Divine Dance of Consciousness, we aimed for a definitive examination of mankind’s search for the well-springs and moving forces of the human experience.  And in doing so, we explored the wisdom of the sages, miracles and angelic influences, death and near-death experiences, spirit communication, spiritual encounters, and, of course, extraterrestrials and UFOs. Don and I really enjoyed researching and writing our book.  Although we may not have answered fully questions concerning who we are, why are we here, and what is life all about, I believe that in our exploration we share with our readers  plenty of food for thought.   

Both Don and I had a life-long interest in UFOs and we both had experienced a few minor UFO sightings.  At the time of our writing of this book, our most profound and awe-inspiring personal experience had been our sighting of a huge triangular craft moving over our home in Southern California. 

We each had come to a conclusion that the UFO flap in the United States appeared to take hold following the development of the Atomic Bomb and the bombing of Japan during World War II.  Although the July, 1947 Roswell, New Mexico incident seemed to have sparked an interest in the possibility of alien visitation to our planet, and today, 60 years later, still holds great interest, the Roswell “crash” was hardly the first indication of alien visitation, and definitely has not been the last suggestion that we are not alone. 

Don and I were pleased to have attended a very good lecture by the late Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. John E. Mack in Sedona, Arizona in 1995.  Dr. Mack was considered to be a leading authority on the spiritual or transformational effects of alleged alien encounter experiences, sometimes referred to as the Abduction Phenomenon.  His research was fascinating and his nearly three hour informal talk was rewarding.  It is such a shame his important work was cut short by his untimely death in 2004. 

More recently I had the opportunity to attend a number of MUFON meetings in Sedona and very much enjoyed an informative lecture by renowned UFO researcher and author, nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman.  He has researched the UFO phenomena extensively since 1967.

Below is an Excerpt, Chapter Nine of our nonfiction book, Whispers From the Soul:  The Divine Dance of Consciousness by Don and Linda Pendleton.

The UFO Phenomena:  The Cosmic SOS


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Could the Earth’s much needed healing be part of another planet’s mission? Are off-earth beings here to help, or to hinder the human race? Can we unlock the long held secrets and mysteries about extraterrestrial life? Research and polls indicate that at least one in seven persons have had a UFO experience of some kind. Abductions, sightings, crop circles—messages from beyond? And why are we being denied disclosure?

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